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GloveGlu Goalkeeper Glove “Revive Pack” – Review

GloveGlu Revive Pack

I recently spent some time testing out a product that I had never heard of before called the GloveGlu Revive Pack. In the revive pack, you get a series of three different sprays, each of which has a different function in their line. The goal of the system is to help increase the life of your gloves, so using them on new gloves is the ideal scenario. But, it goes without saying that if there is a product that can give you some extra time with a pair, it is well worth the money!

I used the sprays on my gloves during intense training sessions, in a few games with my amateur team, and after both games and training’s. Here is a general outline of how each product performed.

Just to note, you can pick up each of the below listed sprays individually, or you can currently find an entire line-up of GloveGlu at

Revive – Enhance Grip and Performance

The first spray was called “Revive.” Essentially, this spray is meant to give your gloves a sticky-like feeling and help with grip, under all conditions. I must say this, that at first I was very skeptical. Immediately the scene from The Little Giants where the little receiver puts Stick Em’ on his gloves then can’t get his hands apart flashed through my mind. However, I was surprised. The Revive definitely made my gloves a bit more sticky and I felt very confident in catching volleys and shots.

Unfortunately, the beauty that is California weather made it impossible to test in the rain, but from what I’ve read it works really well in wet conditions! I did find that once I spit on my gloves that it seemed to lose a slight bit of the very-noticeable stickiness, but it held up pretty well through the sessions. In the games I tried it out in, I did not pay much attention to it once the whistle blew, but I will say having it on gave me a subconscious feeling of comfort and confidence in my hands, even though they are pretty brilliant already!


Refresh – Antibacterial and Deodorising Formula

After a game or training, the company makes a spray called “Refresh,” which is essentially an anti-bacterial, germ-killing, odor eliminator (say that 10 times fast!). I was not sure what to expect, and I would be lying if I said I was not waiting for the spray to smell like my Nautica cologne. However, the spray did do a decent job of making the gloves smell fresher. I am no doctor, so I was not able to whip out my microscope and see how much bacteria was killed during the spraying, but even just knowing it was in there made me feel better about, and made my girlfriend Elise feel better about holding hands immediately after a game! Any spray that claims to neutralize odor and bacteria is OK by me. Depending on how bad your hands smell, I would definitely recommend this product to the casual goalkeeper looking to be clean after a match or training.

Wash and Prepare – Enhanced Longevity and Performance

The third spray is called “Wash & Prepare.” The website says that it “helps to remove dirt particles from the latex and prepares gloves for a longer life.” Out of the 3 sprays, this is the one I have used the least. I typically wash my gloves under cold water and then hang dry or dry them wrapped in a towel, but for review purposes I did recently and did notice the gloves being a bit less dirt-filled. Nothing too crazy, as I still contest you have to give the gloves a solid cold-water wash, but the spray did help nonetheless.

GK GloveGlu Formula

Out of the three sprays, I really liked the Refresh and the Revive. You can definitely feel a stickier grip after using the Revive, and the Refresh made me feel, even if just placebo, cleaner and less germy after using the gloves. This GloveGlu system is definitely something that I think your average, everyday keeper would dig and get plenty of use out of!

You can currently find the GloveGlu Revive Pack at

Finally, there are plenty of pro players using GloveGlu, so you know it has benefits for players at the top level – even if they get to change their gloves every few games for free! Here is some feedback the has been shared about their performance.

“I thought good in both conditions but, like everyone else, comes into its own in the wet”
Jamie Langfield, Aberdeen FC

“It works well – you might have a gem there, I think I could wear marigold gloves with gloveglu!”
Jerome John, West Ham Utd FC

“That gloveglu is ideal for making your older gloves last longer. Great in the wet – wasn’t expecting it to work so well in the rain”
Boaz Myhill, West Bromwich Albion FC

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