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Top 10 Signs You Need To Change Your Boots

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As players, we often grow emotionally attached to our boots and parting ways can become a real gut-wrencher. This is of course taking into consideration the fact they “treated you well”, kept your feet nice and cozy, helped keep you stable on those box to box runs and they provided the right strike to keep the ball on target. If all went to plan and you found a pair to have your best game in, then emotions can run high when you need to move on.

Then are those players that simply fight the necessity to move on to a new pair.

No more, we say! Consider this your wake-up call via a brutally honest slap to the face. We are here to help you guys out and push you toward a new pair, a pair to take your amateur career on to the next level. This right here is our list of signs you need to change your boots! (*take it all with a pinch of salt)

1 – Mud on your boots makes them look better – that once pristine white upper is now worn and yellow with age, resembling a homeless Spongebob Squarepants after a night in the gutter. Hard to turn that one around!

2 – Someone tells you they wore your boots 10+ years ago – and then you find a picture of your Dad wearing the same boots in the prime of his career. Are you actually wearing hand-me-downs?

3 – There is no way to distinguish what brand they are – are they Adidas or is that an Umbro Diamond on the side? No…wait, they are a pair of Puma. And what is this piece hanging off the heel for?

4 – Your socks offer more protection than the boots – is there such a thing as shinguards for your feet (maybe some Concaves?) You will prob need them in this example especially if you are playing against the big boys and their SG configurations.

5 – You bend the forefoot and hear crackling noises – a little bit of leather food goes a long way post first wear…but it won’t work so well now. Be gentle and don’t snap them in half. Also, dry your boots in a cool, dry area with no sun.

6 – Your big toe starts to creep out of the front – until finally, you are able to use it as a talking puppet! Well, at least the kids will be happy…..

7 – The laces only go through half the eyelets – the lace wrap-around underfoot works pretty well, but it will only get you so far without the boots falling off.

8 – Defenders can mark you based on sense of smell – if it doesn’t work with ladies off the pitch, it is not going to compliment your performance on the pitch.

9 – Your boots have more scuffs on them than a cue ball in a New Jersey pool hall – yikes, we all know how unorthodox it is to play with a nasty looking white ball, might be time to invest in a few sharpies to clean things up.

10 – Duct tape becomes a requirement before every tournament – I always fear a center back who has his boots held together with duct tape, that is until they fall apart as he is chasing me and he has to stop running.

When you decide enough is enough, check out our Steals and Deals page to help you pick up a new pair at a great price!

If you have anymore signs that you need to change your boots, add them in the comment section below and maybe we will make another top 10. Note, we like a bit of humor!

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  1. I have actually marked a striker based on his smell once. Not a fun game to say the least.

  2. i changed boots too often trying to find something that fit once my adidas predator 1998s broke apart. the nails in the soleplate went into my toe n i still kept running.
    until the ball went out i took out the small nail from my sock and slipped it back on.
    until the back blades broke off….then i couldn’t wear it anymore.

  3. Bryan- looks as if you took a chainsaw to your boots or threw them in a wood chipper!

  4. 11: when your cleats are now indoor shoes-that is no studs

  5. To answer number 4, yes there are! They are called metasox. They protect the top of the foot

  6. This was a stupid article.

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