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Top College Soccer Players - What Are They Wearing? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Top College Soccer Players – What Are They Wearing?

Achille Campion UCSB

It is that time of year again, preseason has finished and now the real work starts for all college soccer players across the US. Some players are fighting for the opportunity to showcase their talents and get drafted in January while others are legitimately fighting to help their school win a National Championship. I’ve been there and won the D1 title, so I know how exciting it is for the players through the packed 3.5 month season.

Our friends at TopDrawerSoccer (which should be your destination for high-school and college soccer news) helped us piece together a list of the top players currently in college soccer and the the boots they will be wearing this season. A lot of schools are sponsored by a major brand and as a result they can’t stray from that brand, but it is always interesting to see what style boot they go for considering their position.

Also, make sure to follow all college soccer scores on the Official NSCAA Scoreboard.

Campion in Vapors

Achille Campion – UC Santa Barbara (player profile)

Position: Forward
Currently Wearing: I will be wearing all white Nike Mercurial Vapors FG ID this season. I’m so used to them I don’t even tie the laces anymore, perfect sizing.
Favorite Boots: My favorite boots I ever worn were the Gold Total90 Air Zoom from Nike , the first edition, that Ronaldinho wore in PSG.

Adam Lysak – Marquette (player profile)

Position: Forward
Currently Wearing: I will be wearing the new Nike Hypervenoms. The Hypervenoms are a new line of cleats by Nike, and I was really excited to see what they were all about. I usually wear Vapors, but I also have wider feet so I have to suffer through breaking them in first. The Hypervenoms are a little wider and their upper material is slightly elastic so it ends up being way more comfortable on my feet. Not to mention, there is significantly less wear and tear on my feet and the shoes.
Favorite Boots: These are also my favorite boot I have ever worn. They are comfortable, light, and after customizing them through NikeID, they look pretty good too.

Mark Sherrod

Mark Sherrod – Memphis (player profile)

Position: Forward (Twitter)
Currently Wearing: I wear the Nike Mercurial Vapor (Black) right now, but I’m starting to see signs of “wear and tear” so I don’t know how much longer they will last.
Favorite Boots: My favorite pair of cleats I’ve ever worn were these Nike Vapors that I had last year. I personally customized them on, which was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. They were all red and I scored two goals on National TV with them. Those reasons make them my favorite.

Bonus: Check out this YouTube video of Mark talking about his cleats and the overtime winning goal he scored without his boot on!

Eric Miller – Creighton (player profile)

Position: Midfielder/Defender
Currently Wearing: I will be wearing the CTR360 in the Stealth color. I really like how light CTR’s are and after wearing them a lot they get really comfortable and really mold to your foot. As a defender, I really like the simple and non-flashy color of the boots as well.
Favorite Boots: The favorite boots I have ever worn are the Nike Air Legend 1. They were the first nice shoes I ever had and they were so comfortable. They were really soft and great for playing in, and I think they lasted a year and a half with me playing in them.

Andre Blake GK - UCON

Andre Blake – Connecticut (player profile)

Position: Goalkeeper
Currently Wearing: I will be wearing Nike CTR boots this season.
Favorite Boots: The CTRs are mys favorite. Striking the ball feels best with the CTR360 on my feet and they fit very comfortable for my foot shape.

Steve Neumann – Georgetown (player profile)

Position: Forward
Currently Wearing: I was wearing the Nike Hypervenoms but just switched to the CTR’s for this season.
Favorite Boots: My favorite boots are the CTR’s because of the fit and style.

A.J. Corrado – Indiana (player profile)

Position: Midfielder
Currently Wearing: Wearing the adidas Nitrocharge this year because they are lightweight yet they are still mostly leather.
Favorite Boots: Favorite shoes ever are Nike CTR’s.

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  1. Not to be "that guy", but AJ Corrado says he like the Nitrocharge because they are "mostly leather". There isn't an ounce of leather on that boot. Just thought it should be pointed out.

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