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Mizuno Wave Ignitus – Too Mellow for Yellow?

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Black Redesign

I’m a pretty conservative person, I keep myself to myself, my football playing style is not too different as I am mainly used as a midfield destroyer, my main job is to make tackles, win the ball back and make a simple pass to a more creative player.

So it’s fair to say I don’t like to draw attention to myself, this brought me a dilemma recently. The kind people at Mizuno sent me a pair of the outstanding Wave Ignitus 3 to review and I loved how they performed but felt uncomfortable in the Yellow/Blue/Red colours, they were a bit loud for me.

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As I loved the boots, I decided to change the colour by attempting to black them out, the results were surprising but in my opinion very positive.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Blackout (a)

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Blackout (c)

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Blackout (b)

I used a product called Dylon leather shoe dye, with the boots being synthetic/rubber fins and plastic heel counter I wasn’t sure how they would turn out.

At first coat, I was very disappointed as they were a brown/bronze colour, after the second coat I was very impressed as they were a solid black colour all over. So, to test the dye out I decided to take them for a run and kick about in the rain, and I was shocked with the results.

The dye came completely off the plastic, the dye stayed a solid black on the rubber strike zones and fins and the synthetic yellow material turned a golden colour with the detailing that was barely noticeable turning black, this gave the boots a very unique look that I love. What else is interesting is the different look the boots have in different lighting.

What do you guys think and would you like to see a colorway like this released?

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