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Does the Lotto Solista Really Light Up?

Lotto Solista Light It Up

Lotto’s latest boot release, the Solista, comes with a rather unusual claim – it “lights up” under varying light levels, or in other words it reflects it. There is a definite challenge in creating this type of technology, but in a world where vivid, easy to spot boots are the rage, it seems like something a company was bound to take on. This is Lotto’s interpretation, with the boot offering a Grey colorway during day, but a Luminescent White under lights.

But does it actually work and do the boots actually light up?

To see the answer to that question, hit the video below where things are pretty clear. I’ve worn these in games since shooting the video, and the feedback I have received from other players clearly indicates the boots change dynamically under the right conditions. These boots are currently in testing, with a review to follow soon.

Interested in the Lotto Solista? You can currently find them at

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  1. This uses 3M technology which is actually nothing new but fair play to Lotto for being the first guys to do it in football. Adidas did it last year with an american football boot called the Adizero smoke spotlight. Another blog site had a story up saying that Nike might be doing something with it soon too. Overall pretty cool but nothing new.

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