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Warrior Skreamer S-Lite Goes Orange and Yellow

Warrior Skreamer Orange Yellow

Could this be one of the best Halloween colorways ever released? I’m not sure if that was the intentions, but this latest version of the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite certainly has that October look about them. These boots are bright and kind of have that distinct Pumpkin look to them. Them we also had Richard compare them to a pair of Mortal Kombat styled shoes – I’m not sure any character could get the required use out of them, but at least the colors would match pretty sweetly!

This is now the fifth colorway of the Warrior Skreamer we have seen released, with the American brand taking a reserved approach in their goal to capture the market. It seems to be working, as the boot seems to be gaining a decently popular following.

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Vincent Kompany is the player that will debut them, Villa Park will be the venue this Saturday, 28th September. They will go on retail early October – we will update one they hit market.

Warrior Skreamer Halloween

The time I spent with the boots proved to be a pretty positive experience. They are designed with the purpose of mimicking its name – the “Skreamer”. From first look, they give the impression of being an all out Power boot, yet at 7.4oz they easily fall into the Lightweight category. In a sense they are another hybrid.

Without missing a beat, this boot is the perfect option for defensive players who have been craving a lightweight boot. The upper is well built and constructed, so rest assured that your feet are going to be as well protected as they can be in a lightweight boot and you get the extra bonus of being able to spray long-balls right around the field. In saying that, they also make for an ideal option for attacking mids – think of Marouanne Fellaini as a good example.

Mortal Kombat Warrior Skreamer

Orange Warrior Skreamer Soleplate

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  1. I must say that this colorway is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. I love the way the black creeps from underneath that beautiful orange. Then the yellow "W" really does top it all off. I love these and I am going to get them.

  2. Is it possible for you to do a comparison between the Skreamer amd the Gambler and say which on you prefer?

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