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Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Vapor to Hypervenom to Vapor

Zlatan in new Hypervenom

Only a few weeks back, Nike were heralding the release of a new custom designed, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hypervenom Phantom, as seen above. It seemed like the big Swede was destined to make a dramatic switch from the Vapor IX to the Hypervenom in order to help lead it toward a new generation of player.

Then, out of the blue, he switched back to the Vapor IX.

At this point, it is really unknown what the switch was related to or why it would happen so suddenly. In reality, it could be something as simple as a design change to his specifications that hasn’t come through yet or a tweak that he was requested. But during the past 2 PSG games, Ibra has reverted back to the Volt/Bright Citrus Vapor IX

Essentially, that tells us he must of had some sort of a problem with the Hypervenom Phantom and needed a boot with more consistency on his feet. Over the past several seasons, he has excelled in the Vapor, and although they are not a boot that fits his mold or style of play, it shows that once you have a boot that works you stick with it. New fancy technology can sound fun, but sometimes your best performance will come from a boot that is less hyped and doesn’t feature the crazy technology.

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Zlatan Celebrates in Vapor IX

In fact, before switching back to the Vapor IX, Ibra was actual on a sort of dry patch and his performances were a little sub par.  Last weekend in his first game back in the Vapo, he scored in PSG’s massive game with Monaco. And he then wore the same Vapor boots in PSG’s midweek game.

It is a case of “watch this space” to see where Ibra goes from here and what boot he decides to wear, but whatever decision he does make will play a huge role in the popularity of that boot. When a pro player makes a change like this, there are aftermath shockwaves (simply look at the RVP adiPower dilemma as an example!)

What are your guys thoughts on changing silos? And have you had any similar experience where you can relate with this possible switch? Let us know in the comment section below.

Zlatan Hypervenom to Vapor

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  1. yes, as a player i fully understand if zlantan switched back because hes more comfortable in the vapors than the hypervenoms. i at a time wore two different cleats. t90 strikes and nike mercurial vapors. but after the design change to the T90s they never felt the samr so u just sticked with the already comfortable and trusty merc and havent worn another cleat since.

  2. I miss the CTR360 Maestri IIs…………..

  3. His Hypervenom boots were already custom…There are pictures that are up close, and they clearly did not have the off-center lacing that is supposed to be on the silo. I think that he was just another face to push the boot out into the market, but there are rumors that he is unhappy with the sole plate.

  4. maybe the vapor's kept him on his toes better.
    for such a big man/frame that pointedness helps more.
    just looking at the two pictures his stance in the venom versus vapor (although one is a pass and the other a shot) shows a more sluggish stance in the venom.

    if you've worn the vapor you know it accentuates your sprinting position

  5. i dont play as good in f50s as ctrs but i like f50s more

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