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Cleatology - Lanzera Super Pro 94 - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Cleatology – Lanzera Super Pro 94

Lanzero Super Pro 94

We are well overdue another addition to the Cleatology collection, so I pulled out these Lanzera Super Pro 94 boots to profile. This is the type of release that brings back vivid memories of when boots were created for comfort and durability, with no flashy colors needed to get them off shelves. What a great way to kick off the week!

As per the name, the Super Pro 94 was part of the Mondiale Collection that was released in 1994, right before the kick-off of World Cup 1994. It was the first World Cup ever held in the United Sates and Lanzera took advantage by releasing a range of shoes and clothing dedicated to US soccer players. At the time, it was a super successful campaign and the boots lived up to the much aligned hype.

Lanzera Mondiale Box

Lanzera Super Pro Upper

Lanzera Full-Grain Upper

Super Pro 94

Highlight of the boot is unquestionably the full-grain leather vamp. To touch, it is exceptional soft and super smooth. Even after being in storage for nearly 20 years, the upper still feels buttery soft and I can tell they would offer superb feel on the ball. Trust me when I say that I am super tempted to take these out of the box for a test run, but for now they keep their “never worn” status.

What offers the most unique feature to the boot is the tongue. Quite the opposite to current day releases, it is very well padded and positioned to sit comfortably around the ankle. And it is also stitched on both sides, so you actually need to wriggle your foot into the boot. Once they are in, you are set and ready to play for 90 minutes.

Lanzera mondiale Collection

Lanzera FG Stud Configuration

Lanzera Super Pro Heel

Sadly, somewhere along the line Lanzera decided to discontinue boot releases like this one, and it is a real shame. A lot of players I have talked to about their boots rave about the quality they offered and in an arena where lightweight, synthetic uppers are “winning”, releases like these are craved. You can still find Lanzera boots available– but their new boot line-up lives in the past.

Right now, I actually have 3 pairs of these boots in my possession, with several different stud configurations included (FG, SG and and Indoor pair). The question is, who would be interested in a pair if I put them up for giveaway?

Let me know in the comment section below and why they would make for a valuable addition to your collection!

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. I'd love to have a pair if you happen to have a size 7.5. These boots were released when I was 14, so a pair of these would be like a flashback to my high school soccer days. They don't build boots like they used to.

    • Luisinho10soccerboots

      I love the Brand, i will be happy to show and try use this boots here in Mexico, retro boots in Black and White logo are the best.

  2. Ahhh Lanzera!! I remember my pair of Jackal Pro Indoor's that I wore in elementary school. Still to this day the best pair of indoor boots I've ever owned. I would LOVE to find a pair!

  3. hey Bryan I'd love to find a pair of these boots.
    I love old school boots. and Ive been closely following your site and on Kevin's review of the Akuna/cinquestelle boots. Your site and the reviews are great and you always manage to find boots that are rare and are a surprise.

    I remember watching the 94 world cup when I was in elementary school. And these Lanzera boots reminded me of my childhood and the old days back in China.

  4. While I am not the biggest fan of old school design, I love the feel of a leather boot. That being said I would definitely rock these with a pair of red laces.

  5. I had a pair of Lanzera Pro Hard Ground Classics that were the best boots I ever owned for soccer. i played ball in north Alabama on hard clay ground and these shoes were great. The kangaroo leather and the durable construction were awesome. I wore them into there was a hole through the sole. I special ordered them then and I would special order them now if I could…

  6. These are one of my favorite cleats of all time. I would love to get my hands on a pair in my size (9, 9.5) even if they were used or beaten up.

  7. stirling raphael

    I have nit seen a lanzera boots in years i would love to own that boots is the closest to copa mundail addidas boots wow

  8. Brings back memories,I played for the North Jersey Imperials in the USISL in 1994 and we were sponsored by Lanzera, kit – boots on a par with Adidas World Cup & Copa Mundial

  9. I worked for Lanzera right out of college – and sadly, this amazing American owned soccer company could not find it's way against the new entry to the market – Nike. We were sued by Nike for logo infringement (they felt the Lanzera "Flying Four" logo was similar to their swoosh) and never could rebound from this. After selling the company to Kappa to allow them to have a stronghold of a distribution channel in the United States, Lanzera essentially ceased to exist. What you see on the market now has no real connection to the original company – the 4 Milone brothers, from New Jersey – who had a passion for the game and a dream for manufacturing quality soccer products. The name Lanzera, by the way, is an Italianized version of the mascot from their New Jersey high school – the Lancers.

    • Wow, incredible info. Thanks for sharing, did not know any of that!

    • Thank you for sharing. Ive tried to research Lanzera a few times over the past few years. After a number of years away, I was supposed to join a school team today. Checked my soccer bag and 2 of my Lanzera pairs have plastic cracking from being in a sub zero garage for the past 10 years of winters. Growing up, these were both my favorite cleats and the only ones I would wear. With growing feet and I would wear them out, I had at least 4 or 5 different pairs and wish I could still buy them. I would hope these designs would come back someday.

    • Wow, what a fascinating comment. What the hell, the logo doesn’t look like a Nike! What an evil company Nike is. They must get off, on killing smaller, independent companies. Add one more thing, to their wicked history. I remember Lanzera, from the 90’s, and always wondered what happened to them. Well, I just got the answer. What is done in the dark, will come to the light!!

  10. Joel Zuñiga Castro

    You happen to have a size 11 I love this cleats especially their durability

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