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Mizuno Are Coming to the US – It Is Official!

Mizuno Morelia Yellow Blue

Exciting news – we can officially announce that Mizuno soccer cleats will be available to buy in the US as of next month! Yes, the folks at Mizuno are set to release their new soccer specific website this Friday, and then their coveted boots will finally be available to purchase as of December 2nd. The wait is over!

Having spent the last 3 years pushing Mizuno to enter the US market, this feels like a huge win for us and our followers. We have gone from creating a petition, to discussing the popularity of the brand over the phone, to supporting a survey that Mizuno used in their decision process. It has been a long, hard road to persuade the Japanese brand, but the move to enter the market is a much needed one and ideal timing before next Summer World Cup.

Mizuno USA

Where And What Boots Will Be Available?

There has been a lot of thought put into Mizuno’s decision to release boots in the US, and they have decided to take a slightly more cautious approach. Rather than spreading their boots nationwide, they are going to control everything via their website, and they will be the ones processing sales and shipping boots. It is a very smart move, considering the fact Mizuno already do it will all of their sports products and it keeps a sense of “exclusivity” with their range of boots. For the moment, there will only be a small number of the following boots available to purchase.

  • Morelia Neo (Made in Japan)
  • Morelia II (Made in Japan)
  • Wave Ignitus 3

When everything goes live on December 2nd, there is sure to be a crazy rush from players to secure a pair so i’m not sure that they will be available for long. Mizuno have relayed the fact that they want to take it one step at a time, but from reader feedback I’m thinking they will sell out fast.

Mizuno Boots in the US

Obviously, as you can tell, I am a big fan of what Mizuno have to offer. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to test out a wide range of Mizuno boots and each pair has performed exceptionally well. I will only put my name behind boots that make sense for players to use, so picking up any of the available Mizuno pairs is a “win” in my books. Up until this point, the only way you could pick up a pair was via international shipping or staring an eBay listings for weeks on end hoping a pair in your size randomly showed up. Now, you will have boots to choose in your size and available returns.

Reviews to check out: Wave Ignitus | Supersonic WaveMorelia

We will have more details on what to expect over the next few weeks – for now, make sure to follow Mizuno Soccer USA on Twitter (official page) for all their latest updates.

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  1. Since I've started with Blog Só Chuteiras, SC101 was a inspiration for me…
    Before start blogging, read this blog everyday, religiously…
    I must congratulate you guys for this victory, hoping that Mizuno don't overprice the boots in US as it does here in Brasil.

  2. wow thaz was a lot of effort put in. we are eventually seeing some results. well done

  3. This is great news. I love their boots and I get me a pair when I visit Japan every summer. I hope we can get the full range not just the top shelf ones. Even the lower end boots are very good if you compare them to Nike, Adidas or Puma lower end boots.

  4. Well done! I've had my eye on a pair of Neos for a while, but never felt like I could trust overseas shipping. Hopefully the first round goes well and they'll bring over the full line, not sure I could afford a pair of the "Made in Japan" line.

  5. While this is indeed good news, I’m a little confused as to why people found it so hard to get Mizunos. I have several pair that I bought online via Pro-Direct. True, the shipping costs were higher than they would have been if I’d bought them from Eurosport or another domestic retailer, but it’s not like they weren’t available, given that we have a global economy.

    • I think it was more to do with shipping time and the fact a lot of players had to pay unexpected custom taxes to get them into the US. Having a direct line here ensures you remove all those obstacles and get the boots faster/safer.

      • Ok, that makes sense. I remember tracking them via the tracking # I received from the Royal Mail, and seeing the shoes sit in customs once they arrived in the States for days and days.


  7. I remember being one of the first hundred to sign that petition, but never would I have thought they would've acted on it! So excited to pick up a pair!

  8. Great news- I hope they offer the AG and Turf versions!

  9. Im ordering these cleats but i don't know what size to get in my hypervenoms im a 10 and in my predators im a 10.5. Can someone help

  10. Great news!

    Can you write a summary of the boots being offered. For example, which ones are the higher end and lower end for lack of a better word. Which are K-leather?

    Please tell me they are going to come in widths!


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