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Nike Hypervenom Phatal AG - Duo Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Nike Hypervenom Phatal AG – Duo Review

Nike Hypervenom Phatal AG

We have been getting a lot of questions about the Nike Hypervenom Phatal, so Bryan and I decided we should both add our thoughts to give a more broad ranging opinion. Bryan got them in first and gave them a run around before sending them off to me. Nike’s penchant for producing high quality mid-tier boots has given us high expectations of the little brother to the massively popular Hypervenom Phantom.

Nike have put a lot of effort into making sure that the “agility” factor that is heavily emphasized in the  Phantom gets translated over to the mid-tier version.  However something that has been lost between the Phantom and the Phatal is the texture that comes with the nikeskin which has been replaced with Mirage Synthetic. It is actually very soft and very much reminds me of the V8 and Miracle III material.

After two testing periods the Phatal is ready to be reviewed and here are our findings.

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Nike Phatal Upper

Nike Phatal AG Soleplate

Bryan’s Take

In general, Nike produce the highest performing second tier boots on the market. So, expectations for the Phatal sit just as high, especially factoring in how the Hypervenom phantom tested.

There is an air of simplicity about these boots, and although it leaves them looking “ordinary”, they prove effective in game. The upper feels very thin and has more of a paper feel than a soft material. This allows for a nice feel on the ball, especially as you are playing passes. But, I was definitely left wanting more from the release. Considering the Hypervenom Phantom has that dimpled mesh upper, the bland smooth forefoot doesn’t inspire or create a new age air of confidence on the ball.

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Like most Nike AG boots I have tested to date, the soleplate and configuration work very effectively on AG surfaces. You can cut and chop without any problems or fear of slipping. In a sense, this is the type of boot that offers the right type of traction performance in a much more economical package – that is something to consider if you are looking for a new pair of boots.

Final note, in terms of size they fit very similarly to the Phantom except that the upper on the Phatal is more rigid. That is not surprising considering the fact that the Phantom has a super soft mesh upper. Length wise they are true to size, with a Medium/Wide fit through the forefoot. I normally wear a size 9US and the Phatal in a size 9US fit nice and snug.

Nike Hypervenom Phatal Heel

Phatal AG Soccer Cleats

Jim’s Take

This is the second Blinding orange and Black boot from nike that I’ve gotten to test after the Bomba Finale II so I can’t help but measure them up against each other. Unlike Bryan I haven’t tested the Hypervenom but have a pretty good idea how nikeskin performs from the Finale II. I have however gotten to test the next boot down in the Hypervenom silo in the form of the Phelon Turf, it is very interesting in how the bottom two compare.

First off I have to liken the material to that of the Miracle III minus the suede feel. It feels a tad thinner but has similar flex to it so there is that paper feel to it like Bryan said. Sort of like a halfway point between the Vapor 8 and the Miracle III. Having said that the touch is similar as well, not quite like NikeSkin. There is very minimal dimpling so the friction is lacking but not completely absent. As far as synthetics go, it is pretty nice but it doesn’t quite wow me. As Bryan says, the smooth texture kind does kind of take away a bit from the over all performance but I feel like the ball feel makes up for it. I actually found that the Phelon turf was a better alternative which is kind of surprising. The texture in that upper was many times better and made a huge difference.

Sporting the AG configuration the Phatal is under 8 oz, which is very nice for a mid-tier with an artificial grass soleplate. I’m quite pleased with the level of traction. I’ve experienced Nike’s more traditional AG configuration but for the Hypervenom AG configurations the studs are arranged a little differently to accommodate similar tech to the firm ground version. No slipping or catching so it works very well. However it is almost impossible to tell if the agility geared sole plate makes any difference at all. It is very hard to gauge.

Overall the boot is very decent, though I would go with a half size up from a 9 if I were to get another pair. Those who are fans of the last Mercurial and the Miracle III will find that this boot is a very good option as it has a similar vibe to it. But if the choice came down to choosing either the Phatal or the Phelon, I would go for the Phelon hands down.


We both agree that the boot would be better off with some added texture in the upper. The upper material is in no way bad but they could have done better (Jim finds the Phelon to be evidence of this). As far as the stud configuration goes it is very much the ideal configuration for artificial grass with neither of us having any issues with traction.

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Currently, the Phatal AG seems to be a very popular option for players who find themselves consistently playing on artificial surfaces. If you are considering a pair, and have any questions you want our opinion or feedback on, leave them in the comment section below.

About Jim Gauthier

Jim is a a licensed massage therapist with a vast knowledge of anatomy and injury. When he is not healing people with his magical abilities, Jim's goal is to provide everyday players with in-depth knowledge from an amateur players perspective. Find him on his Facebook Page for any personal questions or injury help!

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  1. I wanted to like the Phantom but when I tried them on a US 8 was a little too long and roomy in the forefoot for my liking (and I was worried about the material stretching), but a 7.5 was too tight and ended up scrunching up my pinkie toes. Is there anything about the Phatal that you think would lead them to work better for my feet?

    I'm interested in the fact that these use a more rigid upper, but my concern is just that Nike's new last doesn't work for me, whereas the Mercurial and CTR360 III are perfect fits.

    • I had the same problem when I tried them on the Phantoms. Seems like the same problem the puma v series had with the anatomical last. The anatomical last was really only good for a very specific type of foot. The Vapors also fit me much better. Just get those if they fit better, they perform just as well and come in an AG stud pattern too.

  2. Nice review. I always tell parents to invest a bit in AG or turf soccer boots since many games these days are played on these types of surfaces.
    Side question, would you use an indoor soccer shoes on artificial grass field? I never tried and wonder if this will be a good option.

    • You will slip a lot if you wear indoor shoes on an AG surface. I finally decided to get some AG boots after playing exclusively on AG in FG boots for about 5 years. My joints are really feeling it and I'm tired of the stud pressure causing bruises and blisters on the bottoms of my feet. Of course, right when I decided to do it, Adidas seems to have discontinued their AG configuration and Nike only offers a leather boot in AG if I pony up and pay for a customized version of Tiempos. Luckily the new Vapor IX with the leather finish feels almost better than a leather boot. Oh wait, can't get the leather finish in an AG stud pattern… WTH

  3. I'm looking for a mid-tier cleat and was wondering which boot you would recommend; the hypervenom phatal or the predator absolion Lz. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  4. I have Turf and FG soccer boots but I need a new pair. I have never used AG boots, and I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy AG boots to be used in both AG and Turf (and potentially in FG).
    The Nike Hypervenom Phatal AG are my first option at this point.
    Thanks in advance for your guidance!

  5. I'm stuck between the Phatal and the Premier, any help?

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