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Lanzera Marino Goalkeeper Glove Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Lanzera Marino Goalkeeper Glove Review

Lanzera Milanos Gloves

I have had the privilege of testing out some new keeper gloves over the past few weeks. As every keeper knows, there are several key factors when determining the right glove to buy and go with. After all, once that glove is selected, the bond should be like that of an Avatar and its horse or flying creature—super strong and to the death. A keeper’s glove can be the difference between feeling confident and feeling like you have grease all over your fingers. Also, whether we say it or not, unless you have a glove sponsor who produces unattractive gloves, we all want to look dashing in goal!

I believe the key factors in reviewing a glove are these, in no particular order:

  1. Look
  2. Cut
  3. Durability
  4. How they feel on your hand during training/a match
  5. Grip, under all conditions

I am going to try and write the reviews as if a young man or lady was reading, keeping it very simple and straight-forward. No one is going to understand if I begin going on about the foam being made in Taiwan but developed in Germany but processed in a micro-fiber plant in Bangladesh. I want the reader, you, to feel as though you have the gloves right there in front of you, so your decision and knowledge about the glove is as good as it will get without clicking buy or handing the cashier your card!

This review will cover the Lanzera Marino gloves. Lanzera is not a brand that comes straight to mind when thinking about goalkeeper apparel. I had never actually seen a pair of Lanzeras in person, nor do I know of any goalkeepers sponsored by them. However, these gloves turned out to be my favorite gloves I have tested yet!


Find the Lanzera Marinos at

Lanzera Marino 14 Goalkeeper Gloves

#1 – The look

The look of the gloves is solid. Lanzera went with a traditional, not too flashy, white palm and black/white backhand. The fingers are black and white, with a solid LANZERA on the ring finger. The backhand has a glossy, almost firm look to it, and the ridges cut out make it look very aerodynamic and sleek. I love the big white palms, and the lines cut out give it a well-formulated and rigid look. Overall, the glove does not have too much going on, which to me makes it seem and feel very professional. I love the way the gloves keep it straight and narrow and will match with any color uniform out there!

The wrist strap is a bit longer than normal, which I don’t mind, and looks solid! The look gets a 9/10 from me.

Lanzera Marino 14 Grip

Lanzera Gloves

#2 – The Cut

The cut of the gloves is a flat-palm, which basically means the palm is a single piece of latex connected to the backhand by gussets, or essentially thicker stitching. The fingers are squared on top, which I do not mind and like I said before, the cut makes the gloves look like big mickey-mouse palms, which made me feel like I had a lot of touch on the ball. The cut gets an 8/10.

#3 – The Durability

I wore the gloves in a friendly with the Blues against the USA U-18 National Team at the Stub Hub Center. I had pre-washed the gloves, cold water and air dry, and had not even caught a ball with them before warm-ups. The grass on field 1 at the SHC is immaculate, as we all know, so I was not too worried about scuffing the palms. After 45 minutes and a solid warm-up, the gloves only had one tiny tear on the middle-finger of my left hand. Although each gloves is made differently, I would say that I will be interested to see how well they continue to hold up.

I typically do not like to see any rippage after a single use, but the rest of the palm on both gloves looks great. I give durability a 7.5/10.

#4 – The Feel

How the gloves felt on my hand was the best part. Imagine using a cloud, wrapped in a soft fresh-out-of-the-dryer blanket, smothered in your favorite pillow as your glove, and that is what you get here. I took out the finger saves, as I do with most gloves, and the Marino’s felt stunning in fitting my big hand. The inside of the gloves is soft and comfortable, and had no issues with any material getting caught on a finger or anything. However, catching balls was still relatively seamless, and even the slight thickness of the gloves did not interfere with my ability to feel the ball into my hand.

Also, my favorite feature of many gloves is how flexible and mobile the glove feels when on, while still giving the added feeling of sturdiness. The Lanzera Marinos gave the perfect balance of comfort and confidence. I give the feel of the gloves a 9/10.

Lanzera Marino Gloves

Soccer Gloves Lanzera Marino

#5 – The Grip

Lastly, the grip. I love it. Plain and simple. Ball stuck to hands, grip was even better when the palm was slightly wet (aka spit on your gloves guys). Grip gets a 9/10.


End of the day, if you have to go into battle as a goalkeeper in a big game, these gloves are worthy sidekicks. If you want a solid, match-play glove with a great feel, a great grip and a comfortable fit, go with the Lanzera Marinos. By far my most favorite gloves tested so far, I would not hesitate to buy them on my own after these wear out. Do NOT be thrown off by the lesser-known brand, these gloves rock!

ALSO, I forgot to mention that if you buy them, you get a bonus pair of Lanzera Rossanos included in the package (as seen below). These Rossanos are meant as training gloves, and I still wear them to this day. Grip and durability is good on them, and although they are not match gloves, they help keep the Marinos fresh for game day. Overall, an 8.5/10 for the Lanzera Marinos!

Right now, you can find the Lanzera Marinos at

Remember, we did not choose the glove life…the glove life chose us!


Lanzera Rossano Soccer Gloves

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