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Adidas Predator LZ 2 – Boot Review

Champions League Adidas Predator LZ 2

The Adidas Predator LZ 2 is the latest version of the famous Predator range, the Predator series have taken a different route lately which has received mixed opinions.

When I was a young player growing up I always worn Predators but I must admit that I wasn’t too sure on the direction they have taken as of late as they are now pretty much a control boot. I was eager to see how they performed and if they could change my mind and convert me back into a Predator fan.

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Initial reaction

I received the Predator LZ 2 in the Blue/Orange/White colourway and I am a fan of how they look, I am particularly fond of the Orange sole plate and minimal orange detailing against the blue as I feel this offers a sharp look.

The hybrid touch is nice and does a nice job of mimicking leather and the rubber lethal zones have a very textured and grippy feel to them.

Having recently reviewed the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0, I knew what to expect from the Hybrid touch and also the sprintframe soleplate, so I was looking forward to getting the review underway.

Adidas Pred LZ 2 Front View

Fit/comfort/Break in

The Adidas Predator LZ 2 fit very true to size and have quite a snug fit during the first few wears, they definitely accommodate a wide foot and the Hybridtouch softens nicely and has a fair bit of stretch to it for a synthetic.

The break in period actually took longer than I expected, although they weren’t uncomfortable there were two areas that were bothering me through the first few wears, my feet were cramping slightly after around 30 minutes and the largest middle stud on the inside front of each boot was bothering me ever so slightly, mainly on harder surfaces. After a few wears though around 2 hours of use the boots were very comfortable and the problems I had disappeared.

So to sum up this section, these fit true to size and are very comfortable after a lengthy break in period.

Adidas Pred LZ 2 detail (a)

Adidas Pred LZ 2 detail (b)

Touch and Striking

As these are a control boot the Predator LZ 2 should excel in this area and I’m pleased to report that they are outstanding in this department.

The Hybrid touch does a great job of mimicking the feel of natural leather and the Lethal Zones offer a great grip on the ball, this was even more apparent when playing in wet conditions, when controlling and making passes the rubber material does an excellent job, this also applies when placing shots as you feel the rubber grip working when performing these actions.

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Striking the ball was also a pleasant experience as when you connected with the ball correctly you can hear and feel a little extra pop on your shots. So it’s fair to say I was hugely impressed and although I’m not a believer in the “boots for position” theory I feel these are perfect for an attacking centre midfielder where first touch, control and passing range are essential.

Adidas Pred LZ 2 detail (d)

Adidas Pred LZ 2 detail (c)


Adidas have stuck with their tried and tested soleplate and they do a good job on grass surfaces. The studs are triangular shaped and are pretty long and do the job nicely. I also tried these on artificial grass a couple of times and I wouldn’t say they were the best option for that surface, they weren’t bad by any means but this soleplate is definitely better for its intended surface which is natural grass.

Durability and maintenance

I have worn these several times over the past few weeks and have encountered no durability issues at all, maintenance is a breeze as they are all synthetic a simple wipe down with a damp cloth does the job. There are a few tricky areas due to the raised rubber lethal zones but still relatively easy to keep clean than other boots.

Find this version of the Predator LZ at

Would I buy them?

The Predator LZ are now definitely in the “control” boot category and I feel Adidas have done an excellent job with this boot. With all the technology that goes in to boots these days I try to focus on the important factors which are comfort, touch and durability and I’m pleased to say that Adidas tick all of them boxes….so the answer is a definite yes!

The highlights for me were the “Lethal Zones”, no boot will improve your game or make you a better player but the rubber texture does assist you, especially in wet conditions. Another area I was impressed with was the fit (after the lengthy break in) as the synthetic material does slightly stretch and mold to give you a nice custom fit.

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  1. Are these shoes effective for dribbling, twisting and turning in tight spaces? Does the rubber make you trip and fall?

    • They are good for dribbling, why would the rubber make you trip and fall? I'm not sure I understand. The rubber is glued to the upper, so answer is no.

      • If a player has a tendency to "push" or "drag" the ball with their touches, too much grip can cause your foot to stick to the ball, the ball to stick to the ground, and your momentum causes you to trip. I am one of those people so anything with extra grip on the upper is not an option for me.

  2. what is the weight of the boot?

  3. Could you comment on the benefits of this release vs. the original predator LZ? i.e., is this version improved, worse, the same?

  4. how is the adidas predator absolion lz 2 head against the this model what you reviewed
    qual priced and quality ratio?

  5. Should I prefer the predator lz 2 or the puma powercat 1.12 sl given that I have wider foot at the front

  6. Does the rubber on the LZ 2 wear out? I have some LZ 2 absolions and the grip did wear out but i thought it was probably since it isnt the top model.

  7. which is better in the samba collection adidas f50 or adidas predator?

  8. These are definitely some high quality boots. The "Lethal Zones" have helped me improve the spin I put on a ball, whether it be a curving shot, a cross, anything. They do fit very true to size, so make SURE you measure your foot correctly. I think I ordered my right boot a half size too small, so the large middle inside stud was a problem for me, like the article mentioned. Overall, a class boot!

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