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They Have Arrived – Mizuno Boots Available in the US!

Mizuno Soccer is Here

The long wait is over; finally Mizuno boots are officially available for purchase in the US. It has been a long wait for many players who have been craving the high performing boots, only available before December 2nd by ordering them from overseas. Over the past 3 years, we have been providing Mizuno with data from readers on why they needed to offer up a direct selection to US consumers.

Their response is to offer four top quality boots on tap; the Morelia II MIJ, the Morelia Neo, the Morelia Neo MIJ and the Wave Ignitus 3. Each range offers it own unique package and cover the Heritage, Speed and Power categories. Note that MIJ stands for “Made In Japan”, giving these boots an even higher caliber of desirability.

Price wise, you are going to need to invest to pick up a pair as they are on the higher end. They are definitely not going to be a common option for your everyday rec player, but I doubt that it will pose a problem for aspiring players will a true desire to own a new pair of Mizuno boots. They range from $210 to $280.

Check out www.mizunousa/soccer to read more about the boots.

Mizuno Morelia Neo and Wave Ignitus 3

Last week, a pair of the Morelia Neo and Wave Ignitus 3 arrived in and we are already piecing together additional info on both. If you consider what they both bring to the market, their addition to the market is very welcome. In particular, having the Wave Ignitus avaialbe will prove useful for players who are bitter about Nike’s decision to shut down the T90 Laser silo. As some additional info, the Morelia Neo box in particular has a pretty awesome look, and with each pair you get a really nice boot bag.

Reviews we have posted that are worth checking out include:

Stay tuned for more details and updates from Mizuno USA – we now have a reason to fully cover all of the latest news and release details coming from the Japanese company!

Mizuno Boots Boxed

Mizuno Morelia Neo Boxed

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  1. Already ordered my Morelia Neo MIJs. They should be arriving this week, then wrapped without peeking and put under the tree for Christmas morning. CANNOT WAIT!

  2. I won't be buying a pair at the moment (the holiday season I tend to shop more for others than myself), but am still very excited about Mizuno coming to the United States. They are coming into the US at a time when they have a niche all to themselves due to some of the decisions by the big 3. The Morelia is going to be one of the only true modern k-leather boots on the market, and based on everything I have read about its performance, it will likely suit a lot of players. Mizuno also offers a wider fit, which is something that the big 3 seem to increasingly be moving a way from. The price point for these is quite high, but as a player with a wider foot, I think that I will have to give them serious consideration the next time I buy a pair of boots.

  3. So happy about this. I’ve been ordering my waves from some uk site for a couple years, delivery took forever and so much more expensive because of dollars to pounds conversion. Love these boots.

  4. So happy, but I was hoping for the supersonic waves to come over.. Just bought new boots too so it's gonna be a little while until I get new ones. Here's to hoping they come over too.

  5. This is very significant update, welcome Mizuno. Also kudos to soccercleats101 for your role! You guys rock at what you do.

  6. I would sssooo love to get any of these amazing boots but at these prices I'll never be able to afford them. They would end up costing me even more once I got them sent to Canada. Wish some of their less expensive models were available.

  7. I really hope Mizuno launches the new color way in the US asap I really like the Neo's MIJ in Wine color. Do you have any information on this?

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