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Nike Release A New Seasonal “Flash Pack”

Nike Flash Pack

Nike is back with a new “Flash Pack” collection that brings reflective design to their four primary ranges. Each of the four boots features a very unique silver reflective blocking design that speaks to the boot’s silo and is inspired by some of nature’s most magnificent creatures.

The Hypervenom’s reflective area is reptilian-inspired, while the Mercurial’s leopard-like print pays homage to the boot’s speed heritage. The Tiempo’s lion-esque leadership qualities are apparent in it’s own reflective print, while the CTR360 takes its print inspiration from various birds of prey.

You can currently find the Flash Pack line-up over at WeGotSoccer.

Hypervenom Flash Pack Vapor Flash Pack

It seems like a slightly odd move to release White colored boots in Winter, but as is the case with Nike they like to be different and add some on field shock value. If you play on a muddy FG pitch, enjoy your time spent cleaning them! From a distance or under daylight they have a pretty standard look, but hold them up close and you can appreciate the detailing they hold.

What is nice is the fact that the new Tiempo V is also released in a bright new design, giving players an option to immediately choose from. The initial colorway provides that a modern, mechanical look while this version has a lot of pop and is integrated into a Nike Pack right off the bat.

Tiempo Flash Pack CTR360 Flash Pack

It is really when you wear them in night games that the graphics will come to light, with some flashing light offering the full effect of what they have to offer visually. We all know about that the performance of Nike boots is of the highest standard so the design is what separates these from what is already on the market.

The sock liners of each boot also features a skeletal graphic of the respective animal inspiration with a color cue to identify each silo even more distinctly and finish the look off. As you would imagine, being that they are part of a Nike Pack, the prices of these boots is slightly higher, by about $10 per pair.

You can currently find the Flash Pack over at WeGotSoccer.

Hypervenom Heel

Vapor Heel

Tiempo Heel

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  1. Are they going to release the veloce version of the reflective mercurials?

  2. Those CTR360s look pretty rad.

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