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Checking Out the Joma Super Regate Indoor

Joma Super Regate Indoor

For all you free-footballers out there, Joma has a boot that you will absolutely love wearing while pulling off your favorite tricks. It is the Joma Super Regate and I am going to quickly kick things off by stating that these are one of my preferred options for wearing in indoor play at the moment. When it comes to a shoe that offers a lightweight feel, quality touch and flexible soleplate for quick directional change, this is one of the best I have tested.

In a world that revolves around Nike and Adidas, it is always refreshing to find a boot from one of the smaller companies that competes performance wise. In saying that, Joma has a strong reputation in Futsal circles and they are known to deliver, so it is no surprise that the performance of these boots excels for players that like to play at pace.

Although not a full review, here are the important factors you need to know about these indoor shoes if you are considering them as you next pair.

You can find the Joma Super Regate in this colorway at

Joma Super Regate Boxed

Super Regate Indoor Upper

Compared to the Market

When you look at other releases, this is the type of shoe that compares to the Nike FC247 Lunar Gato and the Adidas Freefootball Speedtrick. It is built to be light, offer soft touch and plenty of flex in the soleplate. Then there are opposites, and if you want a shoe that is 180 of these, check out the Munich Gresca!

Comfort and Fit

Joma does a great job with creating a super comfortable shoe that falls in at a very tasty weight point, 8.6oz. Right out of the box, they are super easy to wear. It is compliments of the very flexible nature of the entire shoe, from the upper right through to the soleplate. More about that later, but what you need to know is that they are very soft and they get the all clear for wear from day 1.

In terms of fit, this is a very true to size option that won’t require players to think about other sizes. The length of the shoe is standard and provides enough space for stopping and cutting at pace without squishing your toes. Width wise, this is a shoe that will appeal to a wide variety of fits. Medium fits will definitely enjoy them and I will also throw them into the wide fitting category since the materials will stretch and mold to a larger fit.

Inside the Joma Super Regate

Joma Super Regate Soleplate

Performance on the Futsal Court

This is a shoe that is going to benefit quick, nifty players that like to get plenty of touches and pull of tricks whenever they can. When you want to get your foot on the ball and get some toca-toca in, the design is going to be very useful. Across the front portion of the upper and through the midfoot, Joma use what they call a Salatech upper;  a combination of mesh and rubber. The mesh allows for maximum breathability through games while the rubber aids with ball control. Personally, I am a fan of mesh in indoor shoes, but only when there is some extra protection across it to improve feel on the ball. A single layer of mesh is not going to withstand much pounding and shooting you feel the full impact. But a rubber overlay acts as a buffer, while still allowing for plenty of air to run through.

There is also a layer of suede that covers the toe cap and runs across the lateral side of the boot. It becomes relevant as you look to play short passes along your instep and it actually proves useful as it offers a slightly grippy feel on the ball.

Joma Super Regate Flexible Soleplate

Then there is the sole and oh how awesome it is! Well, that is the case if you are all about rapid movement and enjoying adding pace to the game. The image above tells you all that you need to know, Joma has added an ultra flexible soleplate that allows for movement in both directions. It is the flex channels that provide the extra mobility and it competes very admirably against a Freefootball Speedtrick that continually gets high praise. The Super Regate feel great to run in and I actually found that the grooves create an added level of traction on court as you look to chop and turn.

Design and Colorways

Visually they are what you make of them. I love the look and have frequently worn this pair to and from FG games. This particular colorway might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are definitely bright enough to make you stand out. There are several other colorways currently available and you can see them here.

Again, you can find these shoes in this colorway at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A shoe designed for fast paced players who like to get on the ball and move it quickly. Also offer a sweet first touch and are very breathable.
Category: Its tough to categorize these in the usual fashion, they are designed for pacey games but built as a bright, vibrant, modern heritage indoor shoe.
Weight: An extremely pleasant 8.6oz
Would I Buy Them: Yes, they are set at a decent price range when you consider that they are the top indoor shoe release from Joma. Performance for value, they are a real winner.

Joma Super Regate Heel Design

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  1. I think I will be needing a pair of these. The college I am going to plays futsal often during the off season. How high are these off the ground. I have naturally weaker ankles so I usually wear minimalist indoor/turf shoes and that works bets for me?

  2. Would you recommend these over the Top Flex? I'm not sure which to pick, it'll be my first actual pair of indoor soccer shoes. If it helps, I mainly play in defense but I'm often running in the attacking zone and need to quickly run back…

    lets just put it this way, which shoes are the most comfortable and durable?

    • For comfort and durability, the Top Flex would be your better option. These are more of a lightweight, crafty, sort of "trick" like boot!

    • Well i stumbled over this review and noticed your question and since i owned both i can tell you the difference.
      I am casual player and i had 3 good pairs that i remember:
      – Adidas predator (genuine leather, uncomfy out of box later they perfectly adapted to my foot, powerfull and precise boot)
      – Yoma Top Flex (genuine leather, comfy out of box, a bit loose, not that powerfull but still good and precise)
      – Yoma Super Regate –> my present boot and i think for me it works better than both of my previous boots, good precision, good power, grip and they are comfortable out of box.

      When i was in the store i had both in my hands Top Flex and Super Regate, it was tough decision since Top Flex was already approved boot by me. Well i am happy that i gambled and bought new Super Regate boots and i know this will sound funny, but i really believe those boots improved me as a player. I already took some amazing goals with them, most of the time to my surprise.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. How is the sole in terms of grip. The lunargato II that I have can sometimes feel like they’re slipping under me and I was wondering if these were an improvement in terms of grip?

  4. Hi. I heard a lot of advise from internet regarding the Joma shoe sizing. I would like to buy online because in my country, it is difficult to find it at the local store. The problem is, which sizing should I used to buy this Joma shoe, like this Super Regate? My foot length is 25cm exactly without socks. Another issue is, in my country, the half size 0.5 increasing is not available. There has only available 6UK, 7UK, 8UK and 9UK only.

    • They are very much a true-to-size option, so I'd stick with whatever your standard shoe size is. If you need to choose between going up and down a size, it would have to be up. It is better to have a boot with some extra space than something that is too tight and causes blisters!

      • Thanks. Very appreciated with the answer.

        I read the previous comment and ome of the comment told that Top Flex is more comfort and durable (maybe because of the genuine leather, my opinion only). But, why Super Regate price is higher?

        Another one is, I found the comment that it look a lot of player use Top Flex during the Fifa World Cup 2014. There has maybe some reason these player choose Top Flex and not the Super Regate?

  5. i know super regate doesn’t made for turf, but can this shoes make good performance on turf???

    because is hard to find indoor court in my country…sorry for my english sir

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