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When the Nike Vapor IX Met Reflective Technology

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Flash Pack

A few months back, Nike introduced us to a fresh collection of clean white colored boots that featured reflective technology. The seasonal “Flash Pack” has received plenty of positive feedback since release, with the very unique silver reflective leopard print design on the heel allowing them to fully stand out.

The Flash Pack collection is comprised of four boots; the Hypervenom Phantom, Tiempo Legend, CTR360 Maestri and the Vapor IX. We managed to snag a pair of the latter in order to check out just how effective Nike’s reflective technology is. This post features a mix of images both under normal sunlight and some exposed to flash, giving you a better idea of what to expect under different conditions.

This version of the Flash Pack Vapor IX can currently be found at WeGotSoccer.

Flash Pack Vapor IX

Vapor IX Reflective Technology

From the above images, you can see the pattern under normal sunlight and how it flashes when placed in a darker environment. There is absolutely no doubt that it stands out under the right lighting conditions. Naturally, it will be a lack of light that allows them to be exposed and flash, particularly when there is plenty of exposure from one particular angle.

It is important to note that under any sort of nightlight they will stand out, but camera flash impacts how vivid the boots look in the images seen here. Similar to the Lotto Solista, movement of the boot between different light sources naturally picks up reflection and in-game, they are more likely to flicker as you move rather than offer a consistent flash effect.

Added to all that, Nike has spiced up the laces by also placing some reflective technology on the lacing, in a pattern that evenly plays out across the front of the boot. Without being overly empowering, it creates more pop and blends it quite effectively with what Nike are trying to do.

Mercurial Vapor Flash

Nike Vapor Flash Pack Reflection

In terms of actual performance, you are getting the exact same boot as with a regular release. There are two versions of the Vapor IX series on the market, one featuring a dimpled textured upper and this one that features a Teijin Microfiber upper. The smooth feel and thin nature provides a very natural feel on the ball and you definitely have the ability to feel everything. In terms of touch, these feels a little more natural than the dimple version does, but that is not taking anything away from the slightly padded feel you get with the dimple effect. And the fit and shape of both is extremely similar, so players looking to trade from one to another can rely on that consistency.

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Personally, I love the look of these boots, and the addition of reflective technology in this capacity is pretty impressive, without being overly obnoxious. The Vapor IX is also a top boot choice that I regularly recommend. Having tested 4 different versions to date in the silo, I give props to Nike for the final product and the performance provided. As you would imagine, it is one of the top selling boots on the market right now, with pacey players in need of some lightweight boots following in the footsteps of one Cristiano Ronaldo!

Again, find your pair of the Flash Pack Nike Vapor IX at WeGotSoccer.

Mercurial Vapor Flash Up Close

Nike Vapor Reflective Technology

Vapor Flash Pack ACC

Nike Vapor Flash Pack Upper

Nike Vapor IX Traction

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  1. just curious, do you like the dimpled upper more than the non dimpled upper, Bryan?

  2. They look amazing,but for how long? one game on turf? 😀

  3. cool shoes like them!

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