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Puma evoPOWER 1 – The Ombre Blue Edition

Puma evoPOWER 1 Ombre Blue

Having successfully launched the initial release of the evoPOWER 1, Puma has unveiled its second colorway in the series. This one comes with an Ombre Blue upper coating, and is pretty much opposite to the introductory Fluro Peach version.

Used an adjective, the word Ombre means “having colors or tones that shade into each other – used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.” There is no blending in the upper, but there is a definite shimmer that shoots through as light hits from certain directions. So, basically Puma has come up with a smart definition that explains the effect used. In person, the actually hold a much darker shade than I had expected. From online images, they seemed like a definite blue, but with first hand experience I would describe them as having a grayish blue. By using Fluro Peach for detailing, Puma adds an extremely effective and clean pop. It is not overly intrusive yet they get the message across by using it to highlight the important tech aspects.

I’ve included some performance notes down below, but this is more of a visual breakdown. If you want full details, make sure to check out the Puma evoPOWER 1 Review.

You can currently find the Ombre Blue Puma evoPOWER 1 at

Puma evoPOWER Blue

evoPOWER Upper

evoPOWER Strikezone Blue

evoPOWER Ombre Blue Strikezone

Tech Breakdown

There is a lot of new modifications included with this new release. Here is a short breakdown of each piece and the basics of what you need to know.

GSF – Gradual Support System. Basically, there is a spine bar that runs from the heel through the midfoot in the shape of ribs. It is very stiff but gradually loosens as you approach the midfoot. Then, underneath the toe bend, it becomes very flexible, with the ability to move on both an upward and downward direction, as close as possible to the biomechanics of the bare foot and replicate its natural power. Adap-Lite – The upper is a Japanese synthetic that stretches vertically from the toes, allowing for a stretch in both direction with the soleplate, but not laterally. Accu-Foam – A foam insert located on the upper which, upon impact, creates a smooth and flat kicking surface. There are 19 individual pieces on the upper and 2 on the tongue. EverFit Cage EXT – Normally located inside the boot, Puma added a durable system on the outsole to ensure the boot keeps its shape along the instep and last through many wears.

evoPOWER Tongue

evoPOWER Ombre Blue

evoPOWER everfit-cage

evoPOWER Soleplate Bend

The actual bend in the soleplate, as seen above, is pretty incredible. To be able to bend a boot in the opposite direction without something snapping is not something you see everyday and I’m not sure there has been another boot ever released that replicates it. Since the natural motion of the foot while striking goes beyond the line of action, it makes sense to allow the foot to extend and replicate to the full extent. Puma extensively researched the creation of the boot and achieving “as close as possible to the bio-mechanics of the bare foot to replicate its natural power.” You can definitely feel that extra level of extension as you shoot, but I can’t offer up any measured scientific proof that it makes your shots any more vicious.

How do they feel to strike shots?

From my experience, I feel like they provide as much power behind shots as you would expect. Power comes from your own technique, so the benefit of a power boot comes into play when it aids and improves the movement of your foot by allowing you to comfortably strike with a full, natural motion. There is some common sense behind allowing the soleplate to flex in both directions and I am on board with Puma development on the evoPOWER. When combined with the upper and the addition of some foam in the correct areas, it makes for a really clean strike. And the real positive lies in the fact that you don’t feel the sting of striking shots like you would with a thin material, giving you the opportunity to be more confident striking with full power.

You can currently find the Ombre Blue Puma evoPOWER 1 at

evoPOWER Compared

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  1. Are these not officially out yet? They aren’t on Puma’s website and doesn’t have a complete size run. I’m looking for a pair of 13s

  2. I have to say that these look absolutely amazing. I love bright colors, but the Fluo Peach wasn't too bright it just looked a little on the cheap side to me. I like this version better which again is awkward simply because I like bright colors. I am actually looking at getting this color over some Puma Kings I was looking at. So hard to choose my boots when they all look so great!

  3. Can you please do a review of the evoPOWER 1 Leather black outs and compare and contrast them to the evoPOWER 1 synthetic?

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