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MetaSox Review – Protection, Power, Precision

What are Metasox

The emergence of Trusox and other elite socks over the past year has been quite exceptional. In the modern game players are looking for every advantage possible to give them the edge over the opposition, today’s products now go well beyond just the football boots the players choose to wear.

I have had the privilege of testing MetaSox over the past few weeks and have been impressed with what they have to offer, MetaSox are an elite level football sock with a silicone pad that helps protect the top of your foot, and with football boots getting lighter and thinner with each release protection is essential.

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Who and what are MetaSox?

Metasox were developed when the UK based company founders used their combined engineering and sports science backgrounds to develop a product which could work in synergy with football boots to provide football players with enhanced qualities such as support, protection from injury, additional power and confidence.

MetaSox are silicon enhanced to protect the wearer from injury to the Metatarsal region.

In a nutshell, MetaSox are high end football socks which feature a silicone pad that covers the Metatarsal region on the top of your foot, this helps to prevent injury and also increases power when striking the ball.


First Impressions

My initial reaction was positive and I am very impressed with their concept, having tested boots like the Adidas F50 recently I enjoyed the boots but was left wanting more protection and the MetaSox concept definitely appeals to players like myself who value protection but also enjoy wearing the latest technologies.

The quality of the socks is very good and are labelled with Left and Right for simplicity when pitting them on, and although the silicone adds some weight the socks are in no way heavy, overall my first impressions were positive and I was excited to see how they felt during training and matches.

Do they work?

During a training session prior to wearing MetaSox I had a team mate stand on my foot a couple of times (by accident I hope) which caused a fair bit of of pain so I was very eager to put these into use, especially as our training games can be very competitive and I am pleased to say that the MetaSox do a great job of protecting the top of your feet, the silicone pad wraps the whole area and never feels intrusive, I had went up for a challenge in the air with a team mate and he happened to land on my foot and I felt a little discomfort but I honestly believe if I wasn’t wearing the MetaSox I may have had a pretty bad injury.

In regards to the claims that the MetaSox can increase power in your shots, I find this almost impossible to judge to be honest, in theory it probably does work but the results would be very minimal.

Metasox Review

Are there any issues?

Initially I thought there may be an issue with the durability after washing the MetaSox with fears that the silicone pad may come away from the sock but after many wears and washes I’m very pleased to report that they are still fully intact and show no signs of becoming detached.

The other area of concern I had was that the silicone pad may feel bulky and possibly change the way the boots feel on your feet but again my concerns were quashed and if anything they make the boots more comfortable by eliminating any lace bite you may have.

To wrap this section up I have encountered no problems in terms of comfort and durability, the only very slight annoyance is that if a standard pair of socks slightly move you would not notice but if the MetaSox slip down ever so slightly I felt the edge of the silicone pad was out of place bit this is a very minor issue as I adjust my socks regularly throughout games and training.

Would I buy them?

To be honest before I tested the MetaSox I would probably say that no sock is worth the £25 ($34) of which these retail for, but having prevented an almost certain injury I would now say these are worth every penny, I would say these are more like an insurance policy to help prevent injury rather than a performance enhancer like Trusox claim to be.

MetaSox are available in many different lengths and colours I had the pleasure of testing the full football sock length (Navy) and also the mid length (black).

If you have had injury problems to the top of your feet or just want to prevent them then I strongly recommend MetaSox and with the wide range or lengths and colours available there is plenty to choose from.

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