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Mitre Soccer Balls Back on the US Market! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 23 2024

Mitre Soccer Balls Back on the US Market!

Mitre Soccer Balls

I’m sure there are many of you out there who get nostalgic feelings when you hear someone talk about Mitre soccer balls. Back in the 90’s when the old First Division became the English Premier League, Mitre balls were the official ball used and to own one was an absolute privilege. They were top dog in the industry and the performance provided was ahead of its time. Does anyone remember the 1994 Ultimax?

Recently, Mitre released a full range of new balls that are now available to buy in the US, including the latest version of the iconic Ultimax. Their highest performer, the Delta V12 is currently the official ball of the English Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League 1 and Sky Bet League 2, so it has some presence in high profile games. But there are also several other balls to consider, even if you are considering something new for training.

Here is a breakdown of four top options and what you can expect if you are playing with one!

Mitre Delta V12

Mitre Delta V12

For play on: Grass
Price: $129

According to Mitre, the Delta V12 is the most advanced FIFA approved quality match ball ever made and released to market. The colors used are scientifically proven to deliver speedier player reaction times in poor visibility, making this a ball ideal for use in night games. The combination of 12 panels and textured grain surface keeps the ball stable at over 70mph. Our experience with it was very positive, and it does deliver a clean feeling when striking. It tends to follow a lower flight pattern and is actually tougher to elevate in the air over longer distance. It makes for a fantastic ball for striking shots and it is very useful for players who know exactly how to place a shot into the side netting. For keepers, it might not be as accommodating as you are going to get less air time, unless of course drop kicks are on the menu!

Mitre Ultimax

Mitre Ultimax

For play on: Grass
Price: $97

When you place the words Mitre and Ultimax together, you get one of the most iconic match balls in the game. Since 1994, Mitre has been releasing this 26 panel classic that has a reputation for improving the more you play with it. This FIFA approved Professional match ball was the first to be recorded at over 100 mph! This is the Mitre ball that I have most joy knocking about. It just feels right to get out on a pitch with the Ultimax and it provides a clean, natural and very responsive strike. Current day releases have strayed away from stitched panels as they tend to intake more water when used in wet conditions. It is a natural move for companies to take, but it doesn’t damage the reputation of the Ultimax. In all honesty, how many balls actually last several seasons these days? yet, this ball has a reputation for providing long term performance to players that take care of it!

Mitre Monde V12

Mitre Monde V12

For play on: Grass or Turf
Price: $33

Something I like a lot about the Mitre range of balls is that they list the type of pitch they can be used on. For example, the Monde V12 lists both “Grass” and “Turf” on the side offering players a wider opportunity for using it. And it really does play well on both. The best thing about it is that it comes in at an extremely affordable price point, yet it performs superbly well and has the feel of a competitive match ball. Mitre also emphasize the fact that this is a serious FIFA inspected match ball for both adult and youth game, based on a similar design and the same principles of the Delta V12.

Mitre Ultimatch

Mitre Ultimatch

For play on: Grass or Turf
Price: $24.99

Another ball from Mitre that is suitable and very useful on different playing surfaces, the Ultimatch is the economical compatriot to the Ultimax. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this ball to be an ideal game time option, but for its price it makes an excellent addition to any training session. There is definitely a slightly heavier feel and the upper material doesn’t offer that same pop as you find on the Ultimax. There is a substantial performance difference between both. Still, it is a decent option for its price.

For those interested in getting their hands on a Mitre ball in the US, there is an entire site and line-up for you to get your hands on – head over the

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  1. You guys make my day! I never would've known mitre came back to the states without you guys. I've always wanted to kick around a mitre ball but never really felt shipping was worth it. Thanks for the quick sum ups and keep up the good work!

  2. I see there are turf balls but what's a good street soccer ball? Durability is what I'm looking for, mostly for free style

  3. Great news. Thank you for sharing.
    I wonder why the high end ones are for grass and low end ones can be used on turf?
    I can't recall seeing soccer balls just made for AG or Turf before.
    Which soccer balls you guys recommend to use on artificial grass?

    • Try the Select Thor.
      It's designed to last through a long season on US field turf and it doesn't have that weird skip when it come off the surface that you get from most match balls on a plastic surface. Plus it's only $30.

      However, Mitre makes incredibly quality balls. I'm sure the Monde V-12 is also a fantastic option.

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