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Nike Magista – Initial Reaction and Some Important Questions Answered

Nike Magista Reaction

A little over a week after their release, we have a pair of Nike Magista in hand and ready for full on testing. It is going to take some time to really grasp what the boot has to offer, but we have taken plenty of time to explore them wanted to give our initial feedback via a Q&A session. We received most of the questions via Twitter and Instagram (thanks to those that submitted), with some others we felt needed to be addressed.

If you need to get kick-started with what the has to offer, check out our Nike Magista Release feature. That should give you the important performance characteristics you need to know about the boot and how it is pieced together.

And for those that want to order a pair, find them right now at!

Is it difficult to slip your feet into them?

Actually not really. It does take some maneuvering, but that is at a minimum. The collar is decently wide and allows your foot to slip through without being overly constrictive. Where they are a little tricky is pulling them off!! No, seriously they are actually really tough to get back off your feet. This is related to the grippy inner lining that keeps your heel in place during play, which is actually a good thing as it means your foot is fully secure through play.

Are they a suitable option for wide fitting players?

This is a very tricky area to answer without wearing them for an extended period. Starting out, the boot fits very snug and even though they don’t prove too difficult to slip your feet into, they might cause some discomfort because of how the material cups your forefoot. Since the upper is a Flyknit there is definitely some opportunities for it to stretch and be an option for above average width fits, but give us some more time in them before we solidify this answer.

Nike Magista Collar

Do they seem durable?

That would actually be a solid yes. The Flyknit material feels stronger than you would imagine, so I don’t see there being any durability issues. Getting caught wide studs across the forefoot might hurt, but I don’t see it damaging the upper materials too much. ACC (All Conditions Control) technology is also included, so there is the added benefit of knowing a treatment is used to improve weatherproofing.

Could you wear them without socks? For instance, in a training session.

The inner lining of the boot is super soft and the materials used feel very comfortable, making them a boot you could walk around in. But,I wouldn’t go as far as no socks due to the some features on the collar. You will notice the strip that runs up along the heel, vertically on the collar and features “Magista” in text, well that also runs inside the boot and it does have a slightly tough feel on the edges. Without socks, I could see it causing discomfort by rubbing – and note that you need long socks rather than small ankle socks as they wouldn’t sit high enough.

Nike Magista Upper

Nike Magista Upper Material

How does the woven design compare to a classic leather/synthetic material on touch and shot?

First, I have to point out that these boots have a vastly different feel than you would imagine from looking at images. The thin portion of the upper is the black/red shaded portion that sits between the hyper yellow lining. The lining is what makes the touch and feel of these boots so unique. I’d describe it as having the feel of a double layer of stitching, so it is thicker with a sturdy feel. It is what gives the upper a more controlled shape without losing the soft, pliable feel. With that in mind, it is very difficult to compare it to leather or synthetic as it is simply offers a completely different type of performance.

There is a welcomed positive from the stitched lining, and that is the fact its slightly rough feel offers traction as you touch or control the ball. Striking shots, they do take in a lot of the impact, so although they will never be labeled a power boot, they are padded enough to ensure you can be confident striking solid shots.

What happens when they get wet?

This should be a pretty straightforward answer – you dry them! With any bright, vivid colorway, they are going to get wet and dirty, and you will have a responsibility for cleaning them. The unfortunate part here is the fact that the dynamic high collar is not removable, so it makes it tough to wash them. If you decide to purchase a pair, it is something you are going to have to understand ahead of time. These boots will look dirty and the Flyknit material will soak in mud. A careful wash under a tap will be the way to go, followed by some time drying.

Magista Initial Reaction

Are they as revolutionary as advertised?

First note; Nike is a marketing machine! The boots themselves are definitely advanced and Nike has succeeded in releasing a fully functional boot that players will totally enjoy. In fact, it is the type of design that I can already tell will stay on the market, evolving through a few generations. Revolutionary is a tough word as there are still some important questions to be answered.

When can you expect the review?

There will be a quick turnaround on this one and I am putting in some extra sessions to get it out quicker than a traditional review. In saying that, I still want to make sure they get a proper testing with an adequate number of hours. We might not be able to fully cover the durability aspect, but everything else will be pushed to the limit. I’m expecting to have the Nike Magista review posted before the end of next weekend, but depending on performance, I might give it some additional time.

Any other pressing questions you want answered that we might not have covered?

If there are, leave them in the comments section below and we will try get to them. Again, late April is when the boot is set to be officially released, so there is plenty of time for you to educate yourself on the new silo and decide if you want to splash cash on a pair.

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hello Bryan.

    I like the looks of these boots and if they weren't priced at a skyrocket price point, I might actually sacrifice a little money. My question is whether or not you think that this should be spread across other Nike ranges or kept as part of only the now "famous" Magista series? Also will you be reviewing the Magista Opus which is the standard pro model boot replacing the CTR360 Maestri? I feel like that review is important since most people won't be able to afford the Magista Obra, as well as the Opus being a boot that more people will be "familiar" with.

    • Yes on the Opus (once released), Flyknit should be kept exclusive to this range – it is a novel idea but leather/synthetic should be the norm on other silos, but I have no problem with them offering it on a release like this.

      • How long does it take to break in? And is the heal rubber. and how similar are they to the Nike miracle cleats because I hated those. Thank you for your time.

  2. Bryan can you include a video with your detailed review of the Magista? Thanks!

  3. But if the pitch you are playing on is wet, or it is raining, do the boots become completely waterlogged?

  4. Great initial post Bryan! I've been searching for weeks on some input on how these shoes perform and whether the benefits are worth the price tag ($300?). Also any word on whether you'd be getting a review in for the non sock-liner version of the Magista? Thanks!

  5. I just wan’t to know about the lower tiers. There has been so much hype on these but very little info on the lower tiers. From what i hear there is going to be three lower ones? Like the mercurial range with the superfly if i’m not mistaken. Anyone know where I can find more info on the others?

    • Correct – Nike are keeping all that info close to their chest right now since there is still a lot of time before they hit the market. Right now they just want players talking about the Magista.

  6. Bryan, would you say these boots are an improved version of the Hypervenom Phantoms – the upper is super flexible, yet there is a thicker lining around the Magista for increased lateral stability?

    • Definitely a lot of similarities between both boots – the upper on both feels very similar to touch because of the NIKESKIN cover. I'll let you know more once I've had a chance to wear them a few times, good spot on the similarity between both!

  7. Helly,

    Doesn't the sockliner stretches after an amount of time? Because if it will, then you won't have that lock down feeling from the sock anymore.

    • It is a concern, something we will be checking out. It seems to be pretty solidified in position, so I don't see it being over stretched through play. More about it once we get the review posted.

  8. So is it really the may 22nd when they are officially retailed? Has Nike confirmed it? And the pre-ordering, will I then recieve my shoes on that exact (may 22) day? Is that insole EVA foam or what, does it have any softness in it?

    • They should be listed for preorder sometime in April, and wherever you buy should then tell you when they will be shipped. But as far as we are aware, late May is the "official" to market release date.

  9. Do they fit true to size? Will it mould to your foot? If they fit really tight, will they give up a little to have the perfect fit?

  10. What is their weight???

  11. Hi,
    I’m from Australia and i can’ find a lot of information for us Aussies on it. Like when is comes out, how much it will be and what stores/websites will have them. Do you know anything about the deal with the Aussies? and you also think there are a few more weeks until more information is released? My main concern is that my season starts late april and i’m willing to wait a few weeks for them but dont wanna wait all season say if they were being released late may. I’ve looked on a few sites and there are heaps of different release dates with some being as late as June.

    Just wanting to know a bit more on release date, price and how/where i can get them. Cheers!

  12. Hi,
    I'm from Australia and i can' find a lot of information for us Aussies on it. Like when is comes out, how much it will be and what stores/websites will have them. Do you know anything about the deal with the Aussies? and you also think there are a few more weeks until more information is released? My main concern is that my season starts late april and i'm willing to wait a few weeks for them but dont wanna wait all season say if they were being released late may. I've looked on a few sites and there are heaps of different release dates with some being as late as June.

    Just wanting to know a bit more on release date, price and how/where i can get them. Cheers!

  13. Will there be a youth version?

  14. Hey Bryan

    Im just wondering how they fit in terms of what size to get?
    Im an adidas adipure kind of player and wear a size 8.5 in those even though in regular street shoes im a size 9. What size would you recommend for these? TTS (so size 9) or half size down? I like my shoes snug so there is very minimal space at the end of the toe. I realize these shoes fit snug as is, so not sure if i should in fact go down that half size to an 8.5 or get a 9. Thanks

  15. Hi Bryan, I was wondering how accommodating these boots would be to high arched players? I know a lot of the nike sewn tongue shoes are very restrictive regarding the foot's navicular and cuniform bones and I was wondering if the same pain and discomfort will be felt with the Magistas?

    • I don't have first hand experience of pain or discomfort caused by similar Nike shoes, but the important thing to note is that they feature a mid width fit through the midfoot, with not a great deal of support. The upper is more rigid than you would expect it to me, less wool feel and more like the Hypervenom so I don't see it causing too much issues.

  16. When are the all black pair of magistas going to be able to be purchased?

  17. If I'm size 10 and a half what size should I order them??

  18. Hello Bryan

    Could a wide flat foot fit in the boots?

  19. What is the sizing like in comparison to the hypervenom? I wore a 9 in the hypervenom so what is good for these?

  20. Will the dynamic fit collar get stretched out overtime? Will it get stretched out enough that it wont feel snug around your ankle anymore?

  21. Is there any discount on this nike magista soccer boot

  22. When will the black color ways be released?

  23. So if you have wide feet and it still slips in perfect just that it is tight from the side does that mean is dosent
    sent fit you or what

  24. Hello Brian I would please like your help
    I have already ordered my nike magista obra ID and there has been something bothering me and making me worried my shoes haven't arrived yet and so normally I wear size 45 and I ordered a 45 1/2
    I'm worried this will be a problem
    So is it ok that I went half a size up I'm a 12 year old kid and my foot is growing and that's why I ordered it half a size up
    Well I hope you can help me and tell me wether this will be an issue

    • Extra space to grow into won't hurt, it is better than having them too tight and not getting much wear out of them, or worse yet suffering from blisters. Once you get them, update us on how they fit!

  25. I wear a size 9 in superfly vapor mercurial what size should I buy for magistas

  26. Hey Bryan,

    Are the Magista obra good to play in the rain?
    Also are they suitable to defenders like left back or full back?

  27. Being someone who has skinny legs/ankles, will the performance of the dynamic fit collar change, will it be more of a hindrance than an a comfort tool and is there any way that we can make the dynamic fit collar smaller?

    • Its purpose is to add an "as one" feeling between your ankle and foot, so if it was loose, it definitely would defeat the purpose. There is no way to make it shrink or fit tighter so I'd highly recommend trying on a pair before buying to see how they feel around your ankle!

  28. What happens if the collar is to big for your foot? Is it a problem

  29. will skinny legs fit in them

  30. can you make the collar tighter?

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