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Overview of Warrior’s 2014/15 Premier League Kits

warrior demand home liverpool 2014/15

Earlier this week, a mysterious red shipment arrived in Liverpool. Warrior kept the details from the public, and the only clue we had to what the shipment held was #Demand, which was printed on the side. After the initial anticipation, Warrior finally released details and information on the shipment, which turned out to be of next season’s home jerseys for Liverpool. The new home kits were released and they don’t disappoint. Warrior has been making big strides as of late, and their latest Premier League kit designs are just a part of the big picture. They made headlines recently in the big signings of Fernando Reges and Stoke City. By agreeing to supply The Potters with jerseys and training wear, Warrior now has two solid Premier League teams, which is great for a brand trying to make headlines. Personally, I love the flamboyant designs and their kit designs for both Stoke City and Liverpool are quite impressive.

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The new Liverpool home kit incorporates the classic red color scheme, while keeping modern style and technology. White piping in the jersey is supposed to give a streamlined and dynamic look. Warrior also kept two embroidered Eternal Flames alongside a 96 logo to commemorate the events at Hillsborough in 1989 that were also used in the 2013/14 version. Technology wise, the kits feature a special War-Tech fabric and collar which are both designed for ventilation and freedom of movement. The big story behind the design is that it takes inspiration from the defining era of the 1960s. The idea is for the jersey to act as a reminder that the players can bring back and relive the glory years that Liverpool experienced in the past.

Jordan Henderson, Kolo Toure, Phillipe Coutinho, and Simon Mignolet all helped reveal the home jersey to the public. The four stars stepped out of the Warrior shipping container in the new kits to a giant crowd of fans that were there for the unveiling. Also, remember that Warrior has not revealed the away kit or third kit designs for next season. And seeing as how the last two jerseys have been quite special, I’m expecting designs just as impressive.

You can pre-order the Liverpool Home Kit at soccer.com.

Under the management of Bill Shankly, Liverpool FC achieved the kind of dominance that very few clubs have ever experienced. Warrior’s new LFC campaign (#DEMAND) reflects the philosophy first installed by the LFC great, something which has been reinvigorated under the current manager, Brendan Rogers. -Warrior on #Demand

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warrior stoke city home

Stoke City

The trend for Warrior seems to be sticking with heritage and roots in the Home kits, as they kept the traditional red and white striped design for Stoke City. These jerseys also feature similar technology that aids in comfort and freedom of movement. By sticking true to the past designs, Warrior basically ensures that they have the fan’s support which is vital for a newer brand. They were also the first brand to release the 2014/15 jersey designs, which was a smart move as it generated more attention.

warrior stoke city jerseyStoke’s away kit is where we see Warrior implement their own unique design. For the current season, the Adidas Stoke jerseys feature a dominant black upper with electric highlights throughout. Warrior decided to switch it up, and they added a collar and dark blue sash. I’m a fan of this completely new design, and I have a feeling that they will look great on the pitch next season.

Both the home and away kits for Stoke City can be pre-ordered at soccer.com.

What do you think of Warrior’s Premier League Kits for the 2014/15 season? Let us know in the comments below!

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