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Cleatology – The Original Nike Tiempo Premier

Nike Classic - Tiempo Premier

A boot that hasn’t received much attention other than a World Cup upgrade of late is the Nike Premier. Given the fact it performs so well and offers one of the best economical options on the market, it makes you wonder why that is. It is the type of boot that people should be talking about and we are guilty of not giving them as much attention as they deserve.

Then, there was the introduction of Nike F.C. earlier this week and the celebration of 20 Nike years in soccer. In that time, there have been plenty of classic boots released and the brand has rapidly grown to be a global leader. The boot used as inspiration for the new-age Premier release was the extremely iconic Tiempo Premier ’94, first introduced to the world at USA ’94. Players such as Paolo Maldini and Romario were some of the first to wear them, and they quickly grasped the attention of top players in all leagues.

Here, we take a look at the Tiempo premier in the Black/White/International Blue colorway that was released as a colorway update to the originals. These have been sitting in the SC101 vault for a while, so this makes for the perfect opportunity to showcase them and glorify an absolute classic boot.

Tiempo Premier Boots Profiled

Tiempo Premier Leather Upper

If you are a fan of heritage releases, everything about the Tiempo Premier seems right. Built in Italy, there is a quality feel about their construction. From the supple K-leather upper with double-cross stitching to a timeless fold-over tongue, they breathe an air of sensibility. Plus, anyone that wore them will attest to the fact they were very durable and could get you through a full season without falling apart.

Going back to that classic fold-over tongue, it offered a vastly different appearance to the equally synonymous tongue found on the Copa Mundial. Where players generally cut the Copa tongue or found a way to tie it down, the Tiempo Legend got slightly different treatment. If they weren’t locked down under the laces, most players simply let it flap across the foot. One positive in this instance was that Nike perfected the ankle crease and the tongue, in general, stay down in place as you played. The underside was detailed with the name of the boot stitched in – very classy!

Nike Tiempo Premier Tongue

Nike Tiempo Premier Soccer Cleats

In terms of weight, they were a very competitive boot for their release date. This pair, which is actually a size 8US, weigh in at 10oz exactly. Although not in the same bracket as the average 7.8oz boot released currently, they were right on par with what we were seeing companies release in the 90’s.

You might find it slightly challenging to find the Tiempo Premier currently, for those serious about trying to pick up a pair, search for them on eBay.

Anyone out there have found memories of these boots or did you have an opportunity to experience wearing a pair? Hit up the comment section and share your thoughts.

Tiempo Premier Sideview

Nike Tiempo Premier Heel

Original Nike Tiempo Premier

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  1. Not the original…this is actually the third version of the Premier. The first had neon pink on it, the second was the WC 94 model, and this followed in 1995.

    • I've got the version with just the tick at the back and not the big NIKE, which i was pretty sure came about before these but not for the world cup. Do you know them and if so what year?

  2. I had the SG version of these. They were one of the best pairs of boots I've ever had. It was a sad day when I eventually had to replace them.

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