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Nike Magista Breakdown – Obra, Opus, Orden and Onda

Magista PreOrder

It’s been about a month since we provided you with a comprehensive review of the new Nike Magista Obra. Well finally today, the company I lovingly refer to as “The Swoosh” has finally made the entire Magista range available for pre-order and also dropped the full details of what the range would look like.

As the information is less than 24 hours old, we wanted to give you a quick rundown of what each boot in the series has to offer, think of this as a nuts and bolts offering, or a kind of Hitchhikers Guide to the Magista, so grab your towel and take the plunge below.

Magista Obra

Nike Magista OBRA

It’s what Ray Winstone would call “the daddy”, there hasn’t been this kind of palpable excitement around a new boot in quite some time. As I linked in the opening, we already covered a comprehensive review on the Obra, so I’ll be very brief with my summary of what it has on offer. It’s the first Nike boot to feature a full one piece Flyknit upper, which is designed to offer a sock-like feel to the wearer, the upper also gets the Nikeskin treatment to provide fantastic control while dribbling the ball and receiving passes or crosses. The party piece is of course the Dynamic Fit collar which further adds to the sock-like feel of the Flyknit upper, and is designed to allow the foot, ankle, and leg work as one.

Upper: Flyknit
Weight: 7.2oz

You can now pre-order the Magista Obra for $274.99 – as you would expect, advanced technology comes with a high price.

Magista Opus SG

Nike Magista OPUS

This is probably the true successor to the CTR360 Maestri, it drops in at 8oz, and features MOST of the technology you’d find on the Obra, which makes the Opus a top level boot in it’s own right. You get the exact same outsole on the Opus as you would the Obra, so your turns and grip will be equal no matter which boot you choose. Obviously the big difference is the absence of the collar, and the Flyknit technology, but lets look at what you are getting. The upper on the boot has a mesh layer, which is teamed with Nike’s excellent Kangalite and Nikeskin technologies for a very control oriented boot.

Upper:  Performance mesh, Kangalite
Weight: 8.0oz

The only drawback for me is probably the price $199.99 is a bit steep to ask for a boot which technically isn’t even the top tier release.

Magista Orden

Nike Magista ORDEN

Now I’ve never been interested in a third tier boot before, but “The Swoosh” has piqued my interest with the Orden. Looking at it I feel that it’ll wedge itself with the Tiempo Legacy, and Puma evoPOWER 2, in the top of the mid-tier boots table. It weighs in at 8.2oz, which is incredible when you consider that the upper has gone from the nylon/Pebax outsole to one which is fully Thermo Polyurethane (try saying that five times fast). The upper is also changed to full on Kangalite, and appears to the eye to receive a bit of a waffled texture not to dissimilar to recent releases of the Mercurial Vapor and the Hypervenom silos. While there hasn’t been much mention yet, I’d love to get my hands on a pair of these in an AG layout to compare them with my CTR360 Trequartista’s.

Upper: Kangalite
Weight: 8.2oz

The Orden rolls in at a very tasty price of $129.99, which is an increase from the comparable Trequartista model, but will still make them a great choice for the average Sunday leaguer.

Magista Onda

Nike Magista ONDA

Every silo has to have an entry level, and the Onda is that in the Magista series. While the Onda won’t be a choice of competitive players, it could very much find a home with the recreational player who don’t want to spend a bomb on their boots. You get the TPU soleplate with conical studs for grip and turning, and what Nike is calling the “trophy synthetic” upper, which I am told also features on the Nike Hypervenom Phelon. Images show a wee bit of waffling on the upper so there could be some control benefits as well, but I wouldn’t guarantee that until I see a pair in person. You are however getting a pair of boots that weighs in at under 8oz, which is positively unheard among the ultra-economy offerings!

Upper: Trophy synthetic
Weight: 7.8oz

The Onda is the only boot available in indoor and turf varieties, and it comes with an economical price tag of $74.99.

NikeID Magista

NikeiD Magista OBRA

For those of you who love the idea of the Magista Obra, but want to stand out from the run of the mill Magista wearers, NikeiD has something a bit special for you. As of today you can log onto the NikeiD webpage and spend some time customizing your own pair of the Obra. From the overlay to the swoosh and its outline, there is plenty of personalized looks you can play around with to get your perfect look.

The price of a customized pair rises to $315 but the way I see it, if you are the type of player who has to have a pair of the Obra’s then you may as well slap them with a coat of paint that makes them your own one a kind design!

This brings us to the end of the Magista series profile, I did a quick check on the different tiers and if you order from they should ship on June 2. So if you take advantage of their 2-day shipping on footwear, you can have your excited little (or large) feet inside a pair by the the 4th of June.

Comment below and let us know which model of the Magista you’re most excited to potentially get your hands on!

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  1. iD Obra is great but for one thing…they won't let you change the color of the sock. It's a small detail that makes a huge impact; it means you can never quite get the look you want. Here's hoping they decide to make the Opus available on iD.

  2. I still kind of feel like Nike is punking us with this.

  3. i recently puchased a pair of the ordens and they are the best shoe i have had so far. i bought them from rebel sport because of where i live but soccerdotcom and pro direct had them for the exact same price the shipping was deerer however.

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