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Warrior Skreamer II Released - A New Weapon of Choice - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Warrior Skreamer II Released – A New Weapon of Choice

Warrior Skreamer II

Warrior has updated and unleashed a new version of their market leading Skreamer boots. The Warrior Skreamer II features the same signature attributes of the first edition, while adding several new features, evolving to meet the demands of today’s game.

Headlining the range is the Skreamer Pro, a boot designed for players who aims to dominate on the pitch through power and precision. In typical fashion, there is a lot of technology included in this release and plenty of unique terminology to dissect.

So, what is included in this latest version? It starts with the anatomically-engineered last with a single injection TPU outsole that defies physics by reducing the weight but increasing strength and stability through the sole. Added to that and allowing for better traction and comfort, the Warrior signature FG War Plate with angled ClawTec Blades means players have improved forefoot planting for extreme grip and explosive take off.



Through the forefoot, a new S-Lite upper is constructed from a premium microfibre, a softer supple material which again plays in role in dramatically reducing the weight. This specialist material gives a the boot a glove-like fit around the foot, delivering better touch and sharper ball control; the necessary tools to dictate any game.

Across the front of the boot, you will notice Warrior modified the strikezone technology found on the original Skreamer. The breakthrough micro-injected Arrowhead Vamp with rebound technology helps the player to pinpoint the optimal strike zone, allowing them to channel raw power with deadly accuracy without compromising touch.  The Thorax Exo-Skeleton protects and shields the foot, providing a mid-foot cage to give extra stability when transferring energy into striking the ball. Helping the body reach peak performance levels with improved overall body functioning, the 4D Arrowbed Insole stimulates blood circulation.

Finally, in order to optimize a more personal fit, the DeepLace configuration combines with a SkreamFree internal construction system, developed to eliminate abrasion and give players optimum levels of fit and comfort.

Skreamer II Strikezone

Warrior SKREAMER 2 Upper


The boots are set to be debuted in-game tonight when Man City take on Aston Villa – Vincent Kompany being the man of the hour and here were his thoughts on the new, updated silo:

When I tried on the new Skreamer, I immediately noticed that they are more flexible and feel lighter, meaning  I can generate extra power but in lighter boots. They are also incredibly comfortable, the best fit I’ve had from a football boot.

You can currently find these boots listed on for $180.

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    Those look awesome

  2. A warrior boot with normal arrangement of FG studs, what is this magic?

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