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Warrior Gambler II Released - "Control Time" - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Warrior Gambler II Released – “Control Time”

Warrior Gambler II Released

It didn’t take long for Warrior to update the Gambler series, with their latest version offering players the ability to “Control Time”. Ok, so you might not be able to control time, but initial reaction to the Warrior Gambler II release has been extremely positive and the modifications have really elevated the immediate status of the range. Out of the 3 Warrior releases, this was the boot that needed more work to become a successful player, with the introductory Gambler receiving mixed reviews. I have a strong feeling we just might see a fresh wave of players wearing these now!

As is the case with Warrior releases, there is a lot of unique terminology associated, so we are rolling with the info they provided on the boots, before delving into our own wording when we get the boots in for review.

The Control focused Gambler II has gone through a radical evolution; with improved fit, supreme control and optimal traction. The intricate design process has delivered a host of new improved technologies and features – starting with the revised, more ergonomic Ace Plate on the instep. This provides more aggressive grip and control to gain the split seconds required to leave opponents chasing shadows.

New Warrior Gambler II in Red

Warrior Gambler Red and Silver

Strategically positioned Stacks on the forefoot absorb ball speed for unrivalled control. The Stacks use a sophisticated ThreeFold structure. Forming the base layer is the Control Foam, engineered to cushion both foot and ball. The chequerboard Tech Mesh gives the boot its unmistakable identity and enhances comfort. Working as a second skin with leather textural properties but with a weightless finish, the TPU Spread delivers added agility and movement. The Outsider Zone on the boot’s outer tip still allows for pinpoint accuracy with ball distribution.

The no-stitch Royal Flush inner combines with the embossed 4D Carpet for seamless fit and all-game comfort while the Lay-Off offset lacing system amplifies the Gambler’s fit and feel. An implanted external Heel Shield gives protection by locking the foot in place and shielding from opponents playing one step behind. The FG War Plate 17 blade sole unit offers better traction and comfort.

Warrior Gambler II Soleplate

General Manager of Warrior Football, Richard Wright said:

Warrior’s goal is to deliver products which support our players to amplify their mesmeric skills as well as helping the rest of the footballing community to improve their game. We listened to key feedback from the players on the first edition of the boot and that learning became an integral part in the development and design process for the second incarnation of Gambler. We wanted to create a boot which keeps its original distinguishable features but delivered new ones to control and change the game.

The second edition of Gambler will first be worn by Marouane Fellaini during Manchester United’s final match of the Premier League season against Southampton on Sunday 11th May. That is, of course, pending he gets a game. And given his form this season at the club, I won’t be wrong in saying that I hope the new boot helps improve his performances on pitch!

You can currently find your pair of Gambler II at

Thoughts on the new release? Does this new look do it for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Warrior Gambler Upper

Warrior Gambler Silver Logo

Warrior Gambler II  Upper

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  1. I have to say, at the very least, this boot looks a lot nicer than the previous Gambler.

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