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Nike Magista Opus – How do they Compare to the Obra?


Magista Obra vs Opus

Everything Magista over the past few weeks, and since their release, has been focused on the highly technical Obra design. It has been an unusual period, where not much information has been relayed on the regular “top end” release, in this case aka the Nike Magista Opus.

Nike has delivered two completely different top performing boots for players under the one silo. In the Obra, you are getting the most advanced option, with the dynamic mid-cut collar offering something we have never seen before, while the Opus stands as the replacement to the CTR360 Maestri series. That is not something to be taken lightly, with a significant negative reaction from fans to the retirement of the original playmaker’s boot. The question is, how do you follow that up?

In the below video, we take a detailed look at what the Opus has to offer and how they compare to the Obra. Ultimately, they are completely different and the performance of each is geared toward a different style of player. When the World Cup kicks off this week, watch out for players wearing the Magista series, I think you might be surprised to see more players choosing, and I highlight the word choosing here, the Opus over the Obra. Even with its significant technological advancements, we are likely to see a lot more players choosing the standard cut and consistent performance found in the $200 Opus release.

In terms of how they compare, the answer is very vast and it is dependent on what you are looking to add to your game. If you want something a little less flashy and mainstay, the Opus will be a boot you should probably look at first. But, the Obra does feature technology and the type of performance that can’t be found elsewhere.

Having seen both side by side, which pair would you prefer to wear and why? This is most definitely something I am interested in getting your take on, so let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Nike Magista Opus can currently be found at WeGotSoccer.

Nike Magista Opus

Opus Upper Up Close

Nike Magista Obra Details

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  1. I would actually prefer the opus. I dont really like the flyknit boots theyve released. Both the mercurial and the magista flyknits I think are just too much for your atandard player. Unless your a pron dont even touch the flyknits. Plus I like the way the opus looks. And it would suit me best

  2. While I agree that the FLYKnit boots are a marvel to look at in terms of technological advancement, I would never wear them. I do not think that Flyknit has a long-term stay here on the market. I think that the Hypervenom is a fantastic boot because it offers a lot of the same performance features that you could expect from the Flyknit models. Think about it. The Opus is using a performance mesh base that is the same mesh used on the hypervenom, minus the honeycomb texturing, and the texturing is very similar to the Obra. As somebody that has tried on both flyknit models and compared the Opus and Hypervenom to both. Yes the Superfly and Opus feel good but I almost feel like I was wearing a Flyknit Trainer with studs( not a good thing). Now the Opus has me wanting to take a chance.

    On another note the Superfly is certainly more intriguing than the Obra. The Superfly is interesting to me because I would like to see how they compare the previous models and how they have improved the boot in order to justify the still high price. Plus Carbon Fiber (no matter how minimal) is always cool on a boot.

  3. This was a pretty pointless post. You said that the two cleats were "vastly different" a number of times but never went on to say how they were really different besides the uppers.

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