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Warrior Release Full 2014/15 Porto Kit Line


At the end of May, US sportwear firm Warrior announced that they had linked up with Portugal’s most famous club FC Porto, in a deal which saw them sign on to produce the kits and training wear for the Portuguese giants. When they did so they teased a few images of the 2014/15 Porto homekit. Well now the teasers are no more as the home, away, and European kits have officially been announced and we take a look at what the club will be wearing next season.


The home kit is as expected a very traditional Porto design. Despite being known as a company who market aggressive looking products, Warrior, haven’t played about with the tradition of their sponsored clubs home kits. The blue and white striped home kit is a quality looking kit and definitely honours the 120 year history of the Dragões. Warrior’s slogan for Porto is Sempre Preparados which translates to English as Always Prepared, and I’m expecting that the club will be preparing for League success again this season.

Away Instagram

Speaking of being always prepared, I was not prepared for the Porto away kit. Warrior have gone with a camouflage design which is sure to raise some eyebrows. It is however, a more muted camo pattern than some clubs (cough, Partick Thistle) have done in the past. The kit features three tones of the classic Porto blue, which Warrior’s GM Richard Wright says “captured the fighting spirit of FC Porto.” It’s certainly a kit which appears to be prepared for battle.


The final offering is the European kit, which in my personal opinion is the prize piece of the three. Porto will be sporting a vibrant pink kit in their upcoming European campaign. It’s a kit designed to showcase the sides flamboyant style of play according to the Warrior team. If I’m honest it’s a kit which will win quite a few fans who wouldn’t normally be drawn to wearing the kit of the Oporto based side, myself included. While the full kit press release picture Warrior issued gives you an idea of what the kit looks like it doesn’t nearly show you how vibrant it is so I’ve included this image from the sneak peak just to emphasize how brilliant it really is.


Another interesting note about the Warrior kits are the inclusion of War-Tech fabric. It’s a proprietary fabric which is constructed of a material known as Scafé.  Scafé, is an antimicrobial fabric made from recycled coffee grounds, so not only are Warrior designing top quality kits, they’re also doing their bit from an environmental standpoint and that is really cool!

Thoughts on the full line of Porto kits? Leave a comment down below with your opinion on what Warrior have designed for Portugal’s most successful club. Also you can always reach us on twitter and facebook.

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