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Modify Watches’ Full USMNT Collection

US Soccer Watch LineUp

The USMNT’s campaign is underway in Brazil, and so far it has been one of the more exciting ones to watch. They control their own destiny going into this final game against Germany, and a win or draw will definitely see them through. Much of the team’s success can also be accredited to the continued support of avid fans who are either watching in Brazil, back home in the States or wherever else they may be. For the fans, it has always been important to have all the team’s apparel and gear. But one thing that has never really been available to an United State’s supporter is an official watch. But thankfully Modify Watches now has an exclusive and limited collection of watches for U.S. Soccer.

Modify has the license for US Soccer and MLS, and they even have watches for other countries in the World Cup. Most watches can be found for $50.00 on their site.

Personally, I think the designs for these watches are amazing. The five USMNT watches are pretty unique and exclusive and I’m not sure which would be my personal favorite. I suppose if I had to pick a personal favorite it would have to be the Jersey Kit Watch that mirrors the away kit. Two of the five watches have the One Nation One Team line that has been used by U.S. Soccer for this World Cup and all five have the USMNT crest.

The actual watches consist of a watch face and a strap. The watch face is removable so that you can mix-and-match faces and straps of all styles from your Modify collection. Different colored straps from Modify Watches can be found here, and there are many designs which include glow in the dark and even glitter. The strap is made from a soft and comfortable silicone material; the face is made from a scratch-resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel.

Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or you can find us on twitter or facebook!

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  1. Not the biggest fan of these watches. They look a little cheap to me.

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