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Latest NikeiD Addition – Mercurial Superfly


We have all had a look at the latest edition of the Nike Mercurial Superfly as it has featured widely during this month’s World Cup action. With almost perfect timing, Nike have added the Superfly to the already impressive list of fully customizable cleats on their NikeID website. This news is great for those set on getting a pair of Superflys, but want more colorway options than the single retail option available now.

superfly id soleplate

Soleplate Choices

The first thing you will be able to add to your custom shoe is the soleplate that best fits your playing environment. Nike have made Firm Ground, Soft Ground pro, as well as the Artificial grass options all available for the custom Superfly. Once the soleplate has been selected, one of the harder design decisions must be made. The decision to add a black graphic to lay over your base color could make or break your design, but in my eyes it is a must have with some of the brighter base color options.

superfly nike ID

superfly nike id

Upper Design

Further along into the customization, you will be able to change everything from the swoosh color and outline, to the color of the laces. The only evident area that appears to be set in stone is the black color of the support collar, which limits some of your options as it has such a large surface area. At least there is no fear of it getting grass stains as you play, as brighter colors would!

From there, you can choose to alter the pattern of the upper, with a new graphic offered as part of the mix. As seen above, it is the Safari pattern that was introduced on Cristiano Ronaldo’s custom Superfly III a few years back. We haven’t seen its inclusion since, but apparently Nike sees it as a popular enough choice to offer to those that want their own NikeiD boots. The pattern is black, no matter which of the overlay colors you choose.

Nike Id superfly

nike id superfly

As well as adding your own custom text along the side of the boot, you can also add a flag or go crazy with one of the graphic symbols that Nike now offer. And, each symbol can be selected in other colors. In other words, the combination of colors and designs is pretty substantial – there are more than enough ways to create your own design that no one else will!

The Superfly is available to customize at

Take a second to design something you would wear, and even if you don’t order a pair right away, send us your design via twitter and we will retweet the best designs!

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