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How Did Miroslav Klose Become the Leading All-Time World Cup Goal Scorer?

Klose Finish

Outside of the absolutely shocking 7-1 semi-final win for Germany over Brazil, there was also a pretty incredible personal accomplishment achieved by Miroslav Klose. The German striker became the World Cup’s all-time record scorer with his 16th goal (second of the tournament), eclipsing former Brazil striker Ronaldo in the record books.

The 36-year-old, who is playing in his fourth World Cup, had already equaled Ronaldo’s number of 15 goals with his dramatic strike in Germany’s 2-2 draw against Ghana in the group stage. His 23rd-minute strike was his first in a World Cup semi-final and arguably one of his most important as it put Germany 2-0 up in the last-four clash. It is a funny old game really, as Klose’s record was eclipsed by the scoreline and emphatic blitz of 4 goals in 7 minutes midway through the first half. But it is important to highlight his achievement.

Klose World Cups

It all started for him vs Saudi Arabia in 2002, where he netted a hattrick in a pair of Adidas Predator Mania. In that tournie, he grabbed a very impressive 5 goals. What might not be widely known is the fact he scored all 5 with his head!

Goal #1, #2, #3 vs Saudi Arabia
Goal # 4 vs Ireland
Goal # 5 vs Cameroon

In 2006 he added another 5 strikes and his tally into double figures, although this time around he went a little more German Old School with a pair of traditional Adidas World Cups.

Goal #6, #7 vs Costa Rica
Goal #8, #9 vs Ecuador
Goal #10 vs Argentina

Then somewhere between the 2006 and the 2010 tournament, he switched loyalties and took to wearing Nike boots. This new deal took him into a pair of Nike T90 Laser III in the highly visual Mach Purple colorway. During that tournie the power boots that graced his feet took his tally from 10 to 14, only 1 behind Ronaldo.

Goal #11 vs Australia
Goal #12 vs England
Goal #13, #14 vs Argentina

Klose Top World Cup Goal Scorer

On his feet now, Klose has turned to wearing the Nike Hypervenom Phantom in the Summer Hyper Punch colorway. His boot choice has been pretty sporadic and there really hasn’t been a set system around his choices. Realistically, the Hypervenom is all about agility and the ability to produce moments of magic with quick foot speed and sharp shooting. All these traits we normally associate with younger strikers who are eager to get on the ball and move it about at pace – not quite a Klose style boot. But, he has continually surprised and his latest choice seems to have naturally adjusted with his abilities to perform at the highest level. Best of all, Klose now has a World Cup final to try add to his astonishing tally!

Goal #15 vs Ghana
Goal #16 vs Brazil

As a boot, the Hypervenom is based on agility and fast paced movements with the ball at your feet. Visually, the first thing you note about the Hypervenom is the oddly textured upper. Basically, it is comprised of a mesh underlay, a layer of skin over it and the final product is treated with ACC technology. When you get a pair in hand, you will notice the honeycomb paneling has a dimpled-feel effect covering the entire surface of the boot. Then through testing, we found that the responsive nature of the upper material allows it to move more uniformly with your foots natural positioning.

Those in need can find a wide range of Hypervenom Phantom at

Klose Nike Risk Everything

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