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Players that Prefer the Regular Collar over the Dynamic Mid Cut Collar

Ronaldo Mercurial Superfly

When the new Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly series were released there was a lot of talk about the new dynamic mid cut collar that both boots featured. The collar covers the ankle, and it is designed to make the boots feel as an extension to the foot. The response from most readers has been positive, and the collar performed very well. The dynamic mid cut collar actually did help make the boots feel like an extension of the body and help with turns and agility. So it would seem as if most professional players would go for the new and improved mid cut collar, but that hasn’t always seemed to be the case.

Find more about the Mid Cut Collar in the review of the Nike Magista Obra.

It seems as if around half the players in this World Cup have chosen the standard collar over the dynamic collar. However, this doesn’t always mean that they are wearing a take down boot. Cristiano Ronaldo actually wore a customized pair of Nike Superflys that featured a regular cut collar. So from a distance it may have seemed as if CR7 preferred the Vapor over the Superfly but he may just prefer the classic collar. But many other players did choose the takedown version of either the Opus or Vapor instead of the Obra or Superfly. Remember that the Opus and Vapor do not have the dynamic fit collar.


Didier Drogba – It seems like ages ago since Drogba came off the bench against Japan to implement “the Drogba effect” to help his team win 2-1.  Unfortunately the World Cup stage has seen the last of Drogba after they were knocked it in group stages, but what a legacy he has had. Drogba has worn Mercurial Vapors for as long as I can remember so I suppose that he decided to stick with them for his last World Cup.

Gervinho – Another Ivory Coast striker to wear the Mercurial series was former Arsenal player, Gervinho. He went with the mid-cut collar Superfly and managed to notch 2 goals in them, including one of the goals of the tournament vs Colombia.

Thibaut Courtois – The future looks bright for young Courtois. His quality goalkeeping throughout the tournament saved Belgium from a few scares. Unfortunately, even his effort couldn’t tame Argentina and with the loss came to his undefeated streak with Belgium.

belgium hazard vapors world cup

Eden Hazard – Eden Hazard came into this World Cup being lauded by many spectators and pundits as set for success. Unfortunately, Hazard didn’t have the same star effect that he seemed to have at Chelsea. He looked a totally different player and had a pretty disappointing tournament in the end. He wore a pair of Mercurial Vapors for the duration of the tournament. He has had so much success with the Vapor line over the last few seasons, so I don’t see why he would end up switching into Superflys.

Jan Vertonghen Magista Opus

Jan Vertonghen – The third Belgium player on this list, Vertonghen played a role in all five Belgium games and also was awarded the man of the match award against South Korea. He and his Magistas found the back of the net in that game by finishing a second ball in the box.


Sami Khedira  Khedira notched a goal for Germany in the semifinal rout of Brazil 7-1. Look for him to put in a shift in the final when the Germans take on Argentina. Khedira wore the Maestri’s this season while battling an injury, so its not a surprise that he continues with the same low cut collar that he is familiar with.

CR7 Boots

Cristiano Ronaldo – As I mentioned earlier in the article, Ronaldo was spotted wearing a customized pair of Superflys with a low cut collar. Obviously, he must have a specific reason on why he prefers the traditional cut because he appeared in the regular Superfly version in all of Nike’s marketing.

Javier Mascherano – Mascherano is one of the players on this list that reached the finals of this World Cup. Messi seems to grab all the headlines for Argentina, which kind of knocks Mascherano’s importance a little off the radar. But his midfield play has been key for Argentina and a quality performance will be needed from him if they hope to win it versus Germany. And with Di Maria carrying an injury, Mascherano could have a bigger influence on both sides of the ball.


Paul Pogba  Paul Pogba has had an interesting boot World Cup. He started off in a pair of Magista Opus but reverted to the CTR360 Maestri III Reflective in his following games. The gray/blue reflective colorway actually matches very nicely with the France Kit. He has had a lot of success wearing the Maestri IIIs, so it is going to be interesting to see where he goes with his boot choice come the start of the new season.

Sergio Busquets – Unfortunately for Busquets, he was part of a Spanish side that failed to qualify for the knockout round. Many people thought this team would be a contender for the title (including me), but we just didn’t witness the same mesmerizing display that we normally do from the Spaniards. Busquets wore a pair of low cut Magistas for his short time in this event.

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What other notable players prefer the low cut versions of their boots? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The vapors and opus are not takedowns. They are just different from the superbly and obra. Kinda like the F50 synthetic and leather are both top level but neither are takedowns. Except these are a lot more different. But they are not takedown.

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    I agree with you that the Vapors and Opus are definitely not takedown boots as both could pass as the top model for both silos. However, I would not say they are at the same level as the Superfly or Obra. The best comparison I can make is the Adidas F50 Prime or Predator SLs because the the Superfly and Obra are both “limited edition” boots. They do share similar characteristics but in the end they seem to have a little more to offer.


    • They are not limited editions either. You can have an opinion on which is better, but one is not better than the other. It depends which you pick. Most players even prefer the low cut vapor and opus. Like drogba.

  3. This article is actually about which players prefer the low cut collar vs. The dynamic mid cut collar. In many cases the player is actually wearing a pair of opus or vapor.

    • Yup I know. Great article. If I had a site like this I would hv written something like this. I do not really like the opus but I love the obra and superfly. The vapor 10 seems really nice though. I think i will get the victory 5 in the coming weeks but hard to find them for a good price in Malaysia.

  4. So would you prefer the superbly with the dynamic fit collar or without it.

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