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Nike “Ordem” Revealed as 2014-15 Game Ball for Top Leagues

Nike Ordem 2014-15

Nike has revealed three new paint jobs for its Ordem game ball. The top three leagues in Europe: The English Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga each got their own personalized version of Nike’s top ball. Nike tout this ball as their most technologically advanced ball ever, and we would expect nothing less for the world’s best in the upcoming season.

When the game moves at the pace these leagues play, players don’t have time to focus on anything but the run of play, and this ball allows them to do just that. With optimal touch and fuse-welded panels, the performance and aerodynamics are more consistent than ever.

Nike Ordem EPL

To top off  the fuse-welded panels, the Ordem offers new Aerow Trac groves for improved flight. The Aerow Trac groves are designed to grip and channel air to ensure stability and accuracy in ball flight. Here’s to hoping this gives us some memorable long range goals this season.

Along with true flight, players can’t be burdened with loosing sight of the ball during play. Nike’s new RaDar technology makes the ball impossible to miss in any condition allowing players to pick up sight on the ball earlier than ever before. The technology creates a flickering as the ball moves to boost peripheral vision.

Take a good look at these different versions of the Ordem as in less than a month’s time we will see them all in the run of play as the best leagues in Europe kick off.

All three versions of the Ordem are available to purchase from

Ordem Ball (b)

Ordem Ball (a)

Ordem Ball (c)

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