Tuesday , April 16 2024

It Happened – Mizuno Boots Now Available on Soccer.com!

Mizuno to Eurosport

The final step in the quest to get Mizuno boots on the US market has finally happened – they are now available to buy on soccer.com!

It all started in 2011 when we pushed our “Bring Mizuno to the US Petition“. Several thousand of you signed and the wheels went in motion to encourage the Japanese brand to release their highly desired boots stateside. Late last year, Mizuno placed some of their boots for sale on their own US site, but their introduction to soccer.com gives us official confirmation that they are here to compete on the US market.

The range of boots on offer is pretty extensive with the Morelia II, Morelia Neo and Wave Ignitus III providing players with ample choices to choose their playing style. As a result, expect to see a lot more Mizuno content on the site in the near future, something that makes me happy considering the quality offered by the range.

Find the entire line-up now available on soccer.com

Let us know – are you pleased to finally see Mizuno Soccer boots more readily available? Hit up the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Mizuno Boots Available

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  1. One of the great things about Mizuno is that they only make high end products. Their highest level boots, those Made in Japan, are some of the greatest quality boots on the market and the ones not MIJ are still top boots. This may be one of the better aspects of Mizuno but may be bad to because in order to be successful in America is availability. Many Americans are not going to put up $200 for boots and to be successful they need to create kids sizes because this will help create a fan base among the brand. But I will probably get a pair and am definitely pulling for them to succeed.

  2. Awesome!!! Mizuno makes awesome boots!

  3. Well done! So great to have these more readily available. I have a pair of the Morelia Neos and they are by far my favorite boots to date!

  4. Awesome, I’m trying a pair

  5. Personally own a pair of pink Supersonic Wave 3's + a pair of MIJ Morelias, love them to death! Great to see other people excited about Mizuno 😀

    On another note, Byran do you know why Mizuno opted not to bring the Basara to the states?

    • I'd imagine they are concerned about flooding the market too soon, trying to keep a feeling of exclusivity about the brand. If the current line-up sells well, I'd expect to see them release a lot more here.

  6. What's better mizunos or the maestri iii for center mids

  7. I was excited to see this as well but $225 is steep for any boot (neo) in my opinion, but I am very tempted as it is a modern boot with K-leather (we had the Mizuno Grandeza's in college and they were fantastic!). Do you think these will stay available for a while and possibly go on sale?

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