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Warrior Gambler II Gets a Hi-Viz Makeover - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Warrior Gambler II Gets a Hi-Viz Makeover


In order to really set their control range apart, Warrior just unleashed its second fresh colorway in the Gambler II series…and this one is very easy to spot! Featuring a highly visible fluorescent green shading,  this is a boot that will allow players to stand out from both a performance and visual perspective. You just need to take care of the performance while the boot easily takes care of the visuals!

The second edition of the Control focused Gambler has gone through a radical evolution; with improved fit, supreme control and optimal traction. The intricate design process has delivered a host of new improved technologies and features – starting with the revised, more ergonomic Ace Plate on the instep. This provides more aggressive grip and control to gain the split seconds required to leave opponents chasing shadows.

Yellow Warrior Gambler Profiled

The construction of the upper uses a sophisticated ThreeFold design. Forming the base layer is the Control Foam, engineered to cushion both foot and ball. The chequerboard Tech Mesh that sits over it gives the boot its unmistakable identity and enhances comfort. Working as a second skin with leather textural properties but with a weightless finish, the TPU Spread delivers added agility and movement. In this case, that TPU spread is the hi-viz colored covering. Because of its tight positioning across the upper, you can actually see the lining of tech mesh underneath.

And there is more! Strategically positioned black Stacks are also positioned on the forefoot to absorb ball speed for unrivaled control.  The Outsider Zone on the boot’s outer tip still allows for pinpoint accuracy with ball distribution.




Inside the boot, a no-stitch Royal Flush inner combines with the embossed 4D Carpet for seamless fit and all-game comfort while the Lay-Off offset lacing system amplifies the Gambler’s feel on the ball. An implanted external Heel Shield gives protection by locking the foot in place and shielding from opponents playing one step behind. Flip the boot over and you get the FG War Plate 17 blade sole unit, offering an unusual level traction and comfort in-game.

Yes – Warrior like their technology! And that is why we have already pieced together an official unboxing of the Gambler with plenty of details on what players can expect from a pair. At the moment, we have them in testing and more is to follow on that.

The official release date for this colorway is August 8th. For now, make sure to check out our unboxing video below and leave us a comment letting us know what you think of the boot’s design!

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  1. Love the look of these boots. Easily my favorite Warrior boot thus far. As a Liverpool fan I've been wanting to try a Warrior product, and I finally may do so with the Gambler II. As for players wearing the boots, I'd say yes, it does influence me. Fellaini though, does not move the needle for me. Tom Ince wears Warrior and he's a quick tricky player, but I'd love to see a bigger name attacker wear these, the likes of Raheem Sterling or maybe Marco Reus would be huge for this brand. Though, speaking of the Warrior brand, word is they will be no longer after this 14/15 season, and New Balance will assume their footballing duties.

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