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Why Mario Balotelli Would Be The Perfect Warrior Player

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Liverpool’s newest acquisition Mario Balotelli has already received a hero’s welcome at the club’s training grounds. Despite having only ever recording one assist in the Premier League, he is one of the more hyped transfers of the summer. Balotelli signed from AC Milan on a €16 million move. He hasn’t wasted time in telling the world of his lofty ambitions and expectations. He revealed his desire to win the “ultimate prize” and to take Liverpool to the Champion League title. Apparently, the Italian Striker also claimed that leaving England was a mistake and English football is beautiful.

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Balotelli’s audacious attitude is the exact reason why he would be the perfect Warrior player. Warrior is the brand known for its unique design and unconventional yet high quality products. Their three boots currently on the market include the Skreamer, Gambler and Superheat. Basically, the Gambler is Warrior’s control boot and its all about setting yourself apart and taking control back. It is only for those that can change the state of play with unpredictability. If you ask me, all those qualities of Warrior seem to fit Balotelli. And after seeing him in a Warrior Liverpool training jersey, I was convinced. He is known as the maverick that always seems to attract unwanted headlines and has gotten himself in trouble many a time for pranks, fights, and more.

Balotelli was brought in to replace Luis Suarez and has been told that he must keep his temperament under control. Apparently Liverpool doesn’t want to have another Suarezesque scandal on their hands. According to his agent, this is his last chance to make it on the big stage. Hopefully, we will see Balotelli finally make a true difference on the world stage but only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy this video of when Balotelli wore the Manchester City jersey and attempted a cheeky backheel…

Unfortunately, as much as I think Warrior is Balotelli’s perfect fit, he is currently signed with Puma and wears the evoPOWER 1. The evoPOWER 1 is Puma’s power boot and can be found on soccer.com.

Do you think Balotelli will stay out of trouble this season? And would he actually look good in a pair of Warrior boots? Let us know in the comments below!

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