Thursday , February 22 2024

Anyone Watch the Latest Episode of the “Angel Di Maria Show” Tonight?

Di Maria Argentina

Wow, talk about putting it on the field and sending a serious message. Angel Di Maria scored one and claimed 3 assists withing 53 minutes for Argentina versus World Champions Germany tonight – you can see them all below. Many questioned whether he was a good purchase for Manchester United from a financial perspective. Even though this hasn’t answered anything at club level, I think it is safe to say there is a lot to come from this guy in the EPL this season. He is scary good!

The final score was 4-2, with the German’s suffering a hangover post World Cup victory. There was a celebration mood prior to kick off, and although Argentina got some slight retribution for that loss in Brazil – a game in which Di Maria didn’t feature!!!

Side note he again wore the Battle Pack version of the Predator Instinct tonight. Most top players have moved on from the World Cup colorway, but again it seems the Di Maria is focused on comfort and a boot he probably feels confident in right now.

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  1. unique and awkward player and was sorely missed in the WC final. Fantastic last year with Real surprised they let him go since he is so good at opening up defenses galloping up from deep. Lets hop man u don't waste him.

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