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What Boots Are the Newest Semi-Pro International Soccer Players Wearing?

Gibralter team

Plucky little Gibraltar, home of 30,000 British Overseas Territorials on the southern tip of Spain, made their debut in a competitive match today against Poland. Now, because many of you might not be familiar with UEFA’s most recent member state (sadly the Gibraltarians are still waiting on FIFA recognition), the media covering the match against Poland did you a frigging service and let you know what the players of Gibraltar’s National Team do on the day to day.

Boasting two full time professional footballers among a motley crew of professions from Fireman, and Policeman to a storeman, shipping agent, and possibly the most surprising profession being that of defender David Artell who spends his day to day as the Academy Director at League One side Crewe Alexandria.  The part time team, which only has 2 pro players in their squad, took a tough 7-0 beating with Robert Lewandowski grabbing 4 goals.

Given the variance in players on the pitch, it was interesting to see what boots the Gibraltar players chose to wear. I’d imagine most actually have to buy their own and with no direct sponsorship, it is a case of wear what you want!

Gibralter Training

The selection ran from Messi adiZero to older model CTR360 Maestri, a pair of blackout boots, some Predator LZ SL and even a pair of the recently released Adidas Predator Instinct Accelerator, as worn by policeman, Lee Casciaro! Of course, there was also the usual modern releases like the Nike Superfly and the CTR360 Maestri. A wild variance to say the least!

Preds In Action

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