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Nike GS3 and Gold Vapor Colorway Leaked By Chelsea Player!

cjrmusonda nike gold vapor colorway leak

Players are notorious for “leaking” a new boot colorway every now and then a week before the official release, and generally the player ends up taking the post down via request from the brand. But in the boot world, this is usually not a big deal, as we are already anticipating the release and perhaps have even seen pictures of the new colorways. However, it seems as if many of us avid boot fans have let one of the most interesting spots slip right by. The Nike GS3 – yes, you read it right, Nike Green Speed 3 – was leaked on a young Chelsea player’s Instagram a few weeks ago. Young Charly Junious Musonda was keen to take to his Instagram to let the world know of the upcoming release.

The Green Speed Series has been Nike’s Go-To Limited Edition release over the last few years, and they have had amazing success with the series. The first two models were both eco-friendly and each featured their own audacious colorway. The original Green Speed fashioned a green and black upper that unsurprisingly was unmistakable when worn. But the GS 2 had a unique twist and the boots only featured a black and white upper! Yet the boots still stood out, which can probably be accredited to the gigantic ACC (All Conditions Control) lettering on the sides.

It seems as if the GS 3 is a hybrid between the upper design of the past two Green Speeds and the Vapor. It features a large NIKE lettering on the instep and has the traditional Nike swoosh on the outside. The main color on the new version is a vibrant blue, and it seems to give this version the uniqueness that all the Green Speeds have had.

Green Speed 2

Unfortunately, the youngster didn’t release the specifications or details about the boot as well, which leaves us guessing about any possible new details. I personally can’t see any major changes with this boot, especially because the soleplate and upper look very similar to that of the GS 2. I feel like this release will have minor troubleshooting changes and will mostly be a refresher to the seemingly ever popular GS series.

cjrmusonda nike vapor gold leak 2

Upon further inspection of the youngster’s Instagram page, I stumbled upon another gem! He had also posted a picture of a new Nike Gold Vapor colorway that will apparently be released on October 15 when he turns 18. The boots seem to be quite classy, with the focus being on the gold upper as there are plain white Nike swooshes and a simple yet classy silver tongue. Nike really seems to be enjoying the gold colors as of late, as we have seen the Nike Gold Pack and Neymar’s Sonha Dourado Hypervenoms.

Also found on his Instagram- an old pink prototype of the Superfly!
Also found on his Instagram- an old pink prototype of the Superfly!

You have to admire this Charly’s concern for the boot community as he truly keeps us informed with nice little leaks of boots that are yet to be released! I would definitely keep an eye on this starlet’s Instagram as you never know what might go up, after all, he did give us a nice peak of the Green Speed 3!

What do you think about the new Vapor Gold Colorway and the Green Speed 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. im not sure those gold vapors are a real release thye look like a custom nike id veloce 2 job to me.

  2. Those gs's are fake. Look at the shiny upper compared to the real white one. Also a big give away is the lacing. You go on eBay and look at any fake boot they always lace up the shoes by missing holes and crossing them over making a x I'd be very surprised if I am wrong.

  3. I don’t think any of these are future releases. The gold ones looks like Nike iD veloce, the Nike GS looks like something off a bad Asian knock off shop. I don’t think Nike would release the GS3 with no be features as the one released two years ago. This is probably just custom boots. Nothing to see here.

  4. Both his superfly and vapor look like NikeID. The vapor isn’t a one piece upper, even more reason to think its the veloce 2. Still good looking none the less.

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