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Monday Morning Cornerback? What’s Darrelle Revis Wearing?

Since my Sunday night indoor soccer season is still a couple of weeks from starting, I’ve been able to sit down on Sunday nights and watch some Sunday Night Football. Last night was no difference as I trekked over to a friends house to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots, enjoy a few pops, and play a couple of games of 9-ball. In truth the 9-ball and pops were more interesting than the game which was both a blowout and a turgid game of American Football, which in itself is a spectacular combination.  In the middle of the second quarter Patriots Cornerback Darrelle Revis forced and recovered a fumble and sped off down field, as he was tackled, he kind of fumbled and kind of lateraled the ball (I dubbed it the “Fumlateral”) to another Pats teammate who got an extra 10-15 yards on the return.

Revis 4

I was about to take a shot in the 9-ball game which obviously wasn’t going to go in (I’m an appalling billiards player) as NBC was showing the replay, I cast an eye up on the screen as the replay froze at the moment of the ‘Fumlateral’ and said to my friend “Revis is wearing soccer shoes tonight”; before promptly scratching on my shot. Now my friend who is an ardent NFL fan (he’ll listen to games on the radio); doesn’t know much about soccer just stared at me like a horse that had been asked to book a holiday. I’d like to assume that it was because of my brilliant knowledge of soccer boots, but it was probably due to my horrible billiards game.

Revis 2

So my inability to play pool well, aside, what boots was Darrelle Revis wearing last night? Well he was actually wearing a pair of NikeiD Tiempo Legacy (here’s a review, Bryan bashed out earlier).But why a NikeiD model? That’s down to the NFL’s rules on colour coordination, which state that players get a choice between black boots or boots which match the team colours. While there is a White/Blue version of the boot floating around, Revis took it one step further and added some red to fully comply with the policy of a league which enjoys issuing fines for ‘colour coordination malfunctions’, and so that he could add his surname, the American Flag, and his number 24 to the heel. Also to note Revis has had the Tiempo hit on the heel of the boot whited out, perhaps as an effort to hide the fact that he’s in fact wearing soccer boots?

Mike Wallace, Darrelle Revis

Why has Revis begun wearing soccer boots this season? That’s a question which you’d have to ask the New England Patriots Cornerback, himself. However, as the NFL plays a great deal of games on AG surfaces the Tiempo’s conical stud design offer much less drag and offer more freedom when it comes to chopping and changing directions, so there’s that. Soccer boots have a tendency to be on the lighter side than boots which the NFL players usually wear, so perhaps the 8 year veteran is looking for a bit more pep in his step than his old boots provided. Of course, there is always the option that Revis could possibly be the emergency kicker/punter for the Pats and is wearing the boots just in case duty calls. But, hand on heart the odds on that are probably just slightly better than me winning the Kentucky Derby. One thing it definitely is though, is another NFL positional player wearing soccer boots, and if the trend continues we may have a regular feature on our hands, the Monday Morning Cornerback.

Oh if you’re curious about the score the Patriots won 43-17, and Revis played possibly his best total game of the season.

If you are looking for a pair of Nike Tiempo Legacy’s check out soccer.com for your hookup. And if you happen to spot an NFLer (who isn’t a kicker) wearing soccer boots give us a bell on facebook or twitter, and we’ll run another Monday Morning Cornerback piece. 

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  1. A few players this past weekend were actually wearing mercurial superflys as well

  2. Darrelle Revis wearing Soccer boots NikeiD Tiempo Legacy and it is really comfortable during match best choice of Darrelle Revis and model was new of this boots so thats why he prefer NikeiD Tiempo Legacy

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