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Nike Tiempo Legacy Review

Nike Tiempo Legacy

Back in December, the release of the Nike Tiempo Legend V was met with plenty of positive reaction and fans flocked to the iconic cross stitched forefoot. Performance was also at a premium, although the increased price was also! Then there is the mid-tier boot in the range, the Tiempo Legacy, for which many consider their top option due to the more affordable price-point that is coupled with  a consistently high level of performance.

There is a definite interest from players in the Legacy, as we have received a large amount of review requests for the classic looking boot. In fact, it is one of the most popular mid-tier choices currently on the market, leading to the belief that it really does have a lot to offer on pitch. In order to truly uncover its secret and see if they are a boot worth their weight in gold, I’ve spent the past few weeks testing a pair. Here is what you can expect if you have them in consideration.

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Initial Reaction

Visually, Nike has again styled both the Legend and Legacy in a very similar fashion. At first glance, it is tough to tell them apart with the only telling sign being the soleplate. Everything about them is slick and they definite hold the appearance of a top tier boot release – something to bear in mind if you value appearance.

Nike Tiempo Legacy Review

Breaking In and Comfort

There is nothing massively complicated about the Legacy as you take them out of the box for the first time, and they do impress visually. The calfskin-leather upper also has a very supple feel to it, and the soleplate has a natural flex to it right from first wear. Things kick-off very nicely!

Where is might get a little complicated for players is in the actual fit when you wear them for the first time. For anyone with a medium or wide fit, this boot is very restrictive right across the forefoot due to some additional honeycomb paneling that lines the inside of the boot. What it creates is a cushioned feel and sort of nuzzles in around the contours of your foot, but that reduces additional area for your foot. Over time, it does stretch and the boot became more  spacious and as a result comfortable, but initially they are tight.

Outside of fit, Nike has kept things simple with the overall design and there are no hotpockets or areas of technology that require any adjustment. As a little bonus, a layer of foam is added underneath the tongue to give a more cushioned feel to the top of your foot. It is not enough to increase shot power or improve overall protection, but it does provide a more secure fit.

Nike Tiempo Legacy Inner Lining

Tiempo Legend vs Legacy

Compared to the Tiempo Legend

It is a common theme, but again you have to point out the visual similarities between both boots at the fact that at first glance, players are likely to mistake the Legacy as a top tier release. Performance wise, they do pretty well also and there really isn’t much criticism to offer about them but they don’t have that overall high-quality feel you get from the Legend. Where they are very different is in the materials used and just by holding both boots together, you understand why they have different monetary values.

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Nike use a k-leather upper on the Legend and it has that ultra soft, buttery touch that makes them a dream to use on the ball. In comparison, the calfskin leather upper of the Legacy is very supple, but it features a slightly rigid feel that takes a few wears to really breakdown.

In terms of value, I’m all about the Legacy – especially since the Legend now sits at the $200 mark. If you are facing the decision of choosing which pair to go for, consider the fact you can get two pairs of Legacy for one pair of Legend!

Nike Tiempo Legacy Heel

Nike Tiempo Legacy Forefoot

In-Game Performance

When it comes to mid-tier releases, the Legacy does everything you would expect and exceeds the overall performance of most other boots in its bracket. They offer a clean area for touch, feature a flexible soleplate, offer solid traction through wear and they won’t leave your feet cringing after wear – they get check marks in all the right boxes. As a economical heritage release, there is no major technical talking point, and there is not overly exciting about them.

Striking shots is always an important area where players want to know how the boot feels. This is an area where the Legacy is average, something you would expect from a its type of mold. The cross stitched forefoot does create some slight cushioning along the panels, but it is not enough to truly soak in impact as you shoot or play long balls across the pitch.

Traction wise, they feature the same stud configuration found on the Legend. You get eight conical studs up top and four blades on the heel region that help distribute pressure for a smooth ride. On natural grass surfaces, they feel great and that is where they will excel for players. I wasn’t overly impressed with them on turf as they were a little sticky but they definitely work for players who play on AG.

Simply put, with the Legacy you are getting a boot that provides players with a solid base to play the game without having to think about or question their boot of choice.

Nike Tiempo Legacy midfoot

Nike Tiempo Legacy Soleplate

Tiempo Legacy

How do they Fit?

There are a lot of similarities between the Legend and Legacy when it comes to fit, except the fact that the Legacy has a slightly more spacious fit starting off. You might recall with the Legend review, I had an issue with the layer of stitching running around the front of the boot as it created a tight fit. It meant players needed to consider going up a half size to really get the forefoot shape right and wearable. On the Legacy, it is slightly different with the stitching sitting slightly higher and not playing such a prominent role. For those that want a true to size fit, the Legacy is a much better option.

It is also important to remember that these have a medium width fit, and are not necessarily a great option for you wider fitting players. They do offer some stretch through wear, but starting out expect a tighter than normal experience.

Critics Notes

Outside of ensuring you have the right fit, there isn’t a great deal else to report about these. When you factor in price, it makes them an even more appealing option and I’d sit them among the best mid-tier releases currently on the market!

Check out the full line-up of Nike Tiempo Legacy currently at WeGotSoccer.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: Another high performing mid-tier release from Nike that provides players with a balanced boot in an affordable package.
Category: Economical heritage.
Weight: 8.4oz, which actually means they are a hair lighter than the Legend (8.5oz).
Would I Buy Them: I’d be bold enough to buy 2 pairs, with one for games and one as a practice pair. Great value!
Player Position: Suitable for most playing styles right across the pitch!

Have you worn the Legacy and got some additional performance advice to offer players? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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  1. Hi Bryan,

    I just got this boot a week ago (IC version), and I finally had the chance to wear them for a whole day today. The problem — like you described — was that the boots provided a very nice glove-like fit; however, the front seems to be really tight. Wearing them and sitting down, the glove-like fit is apparent and the boot feels great. When I walk with them for over 5 minutes though, my four toes (except big toe) starts to somewhat hit the front of the boot. I can fit my index finger into the back of the boots when I am wearing them, but quite tightly.

    Will the break-in (or warm water soak) help with the front of the boots like you mentioned? Or do you think it will still be too tight for me. I am quite worried because I already wore them outside, so I'm not too sure if I can still return and change them (doubt it). I'm not sure if I should try on, or sell them on eBay and get a new one in size 11 (10.5 now) with a loss.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    • They are a tough fit because of that layer of stitching. I bet if you went for something like the Nike Premier in the same size, you wouldn't have that problem. I'm not that will ever subside, so I'd recommend a different style boot to be honest.

  2. Bryan, how about this vs. the Premier? Other than the colorway options, I think they would be comparable.

  3. Hi Bryan

    Thank you so much for your great reviews on these boots! they make it alot easier to find out what boots you should go for!

    I have narrowed my options down to the Legacy AG and the Trequartista III AG. Which of those two would you go for and why?

    best regards from Iceland

  4. I was wondering if I should get the Nike Tiempo Legacy or the Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 what do you think?

  5. I got this boots a while ago but only started wearing them recently. After 2-3 uses on grass I wore them on a synthetic field for a game and the upper has already started to peel away from the sole. Is this something to be expected so early on from a mid-tier boot?

  6. Hello Bryan!

    I just bought the Tiempo Legacy and wore them during a pre-season training session for three days in a row.

    I really like the leather, it seems to be durable, at least from what I can tell. But my problem is, that that yellow color is already coming off. Not a huge problem but I was just wondering whether this is normal or if it happens because of the dubbin I use?

    • You shouldn't need much dubbin, just once every few weeks to keep the boot soft. That could be a cause. Are you playing on artificial turf? Because that can also cause scuffing from kicking the surface through play, striking the ball etc.

  7. Hi Bryan,
    I really love these boots and have been using them for a few months now. My only issue is they leave a bone bruise on my ankle (rather the protruding bone under the outside ankle)every time. I suck it up, and spray some pain relieving spray to continue playing. But I'm curious to know why is it so. any thoughts?

    • Sounds like it might be related to the cut around the ankle and how it connects to your ankle as you chop or turn. Have you worn any other boots recently to be able to compare them to?

  8. so i got these boots recently and only using them about 6 times the color is already wearing off at the tip i dont know if this is normal i am playing on regular grass at a field and my backyard help?

    • Happens frequesntly with white leather uppers if there is any drag along the surface. The only thing you can do is focus on cleaning them post wear and look into getting some white leather polish.

  9. What if Tiempo legacy compare to PUMA Spirit or King

  10. After much deliberation and research I decided on the tiempo legacy instead of the puma king finale and I must say I am really pleased I did, after reading this review I was worried about the fit. I am a uk10 with a slightly wide foot but found a site that offered a good return policy so decided to go for it and ordered true to size (as they were cheaper) and I find that they actually fit really well. They are tight out of the box but soon adapt to the shape of your foot. I forgot I was wearing them after just 2 hours of breaking in time and was glad I didn’t go a size up. but everyone is different and I am probably a small 10!

  11. Tiempo Legacy FG VS The Premier FG? I've got flat feet.

  12. Hi,
    I was wondering about which boot I should buy between the adidas predator absolion lz and the nike tiempo legacy..what do you think?

  13. Hi Bryan,

    I’m looking for a new pair of tiempo’s and my mother wants them to be so strong that I can play with them for a long time. So which one do you think is a better option: legend ot legacy?


    • In terms of durability, they are pretty even. But, what you should consider is the fact you can get two pair of Legacy for one pair of Legends – would give you the opportunity to have a practice and game time.

  14. Legend had x1.1 tecnology makes the fit tighter

  15. Utter bullshit review. Don't wear the FG pair on astro as this review suggests as you WILL twist your ankle (learned the hard way, 4 times).

  16. Hi Bryan
    I'm thinking to buy a new boot and ı have two options adidas 11pro(this is great be ause there is a huge discount and ı can buy it at the same prize with legacy) and tiempo legacy. I would want to buy 11pro but I'm a little suspicious about its durability. I heard pro boots are not as durable as takedowns. Also ı will get the fg version of 11pro because ı only have the fg version discounted.but i will use them on ag. Using a pro boot on wrong ground may be harmful. What would you recommend getting a fg 11pro or ag legacy?

  17. Hi Bryan!!
    I struggle to decide which shoe to pick for street games (ic)
    My opinion is- or tiempo legacy ic or Nike hypervanomx proximo ic.
    I currently own Nike victory v TF and I not like them. Please help 🙁 🙂

  18. My daughter loves the fit and feel of this boot. What I don't like about them is that the upper separates from the sole. I have tried both the Legend and the Legacy and they both do the same thing. We usually don't even get a full season out of them. However, she likes them so much I keep buying them. Come on Nike, work on that durability and they would be perfect.

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