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Why is the Nike T90 Laser Series so Badly Missed?

T90 Laser Releases

Since Nike decided it was time for their retirement, many players have struggled to find the right replacement for the Power focused T90 Laser range. It is no surprise really, as the T90 offered a very specific style of focused performance as opposed to the current set of hybrid silos currently on the market. There has been a large market refocus by the home of the swoosh in the past few years, and the announcement that the T90 would be leaving shelves caused a stir right from the onset.

Here we revisit the range and work through the finite details of why it still stands as a haloed boot.

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What Made the T90 Laser Series so Popular?

That is a great question, and one that has fans wondering why Nike dispersed the range. It has a lot to do with marketing and how Nike introduced them as the ultimate shooting machine. Being able to gear top pro players up in a new release is the best way to increase a boots popularity to fans and Nike was not afraid to spend in order to get them seen. Producing an attacking styled boot is also a very smart move, as fans are attracted to the potential of improved goal scoring. It is, after all, the romantic side to the game. Then there is the large range of technology that was implemented through the boots existence. Nike continually looked to push boundaries and create something different, something that was consistently advanced and always focused on improving player power and swerve on the ball.

That Glorious Wide Fit

Was there a more perfectly proportioned boot for players in need of a wide fit? I don’t think there has been, with the T90 series offer top quality comfort and a spacious fit through the forefoot that really accommodated a wide variety of players. It is the number one issue for fans in need of a new replacement boot – how do I find something that fits wide around the forefoot? You can see right through the array of images on this post how it has a more rounded appearance compared to current market releases.

T90 Laser IV

T90 Laser III

Everyone Has a Favorite!

Obviously, everyone has there own favorite in the series, with each boot offering a pretty different type of striking experience. It started with the original release, which really established the range right from the onset. There are not many boots that are able to grab immediate attention, but back in 2000, that was the case with these. Even so, it is the T90 Laser II that sits as a leading favorite for fans. Maybe it was the over-sized strike zone with Shot Shield technology,  or maybe it was the expanded number of colorways released through their lifespan.

Moving on from the second version, the third version came in for some scrutiny due to the unconventional fins on the side of the boot. But the included technology across an increased surface area found a large following. From there, the final IV release was pieced together with the most technology of all and definitely satisfied the needs of fans.

There was also the release of the T90 Supremacy back in 2006, right before the World Cup in Germany. It was Nike’s key boot release leading up to the big tournament and Wayne Rooney was the player they looked to promote them.

Nike T90 Supremacy

Why Were They Retired Then?

Right from release, this was a series all about power and shooting. It is one of the reasons that Nike made a decision to retire the range, as they had become too specific to strikers. Plenty of defenders still wore them, specifically central defenders, but by the IV edition is was becoming tougher to adequately advertise them to a wide audience.

Including the Power label also segregated pacey players who didn’t want something”heavy”. In recent times, we have seen brand re-engineer their Power releases with much lighter framework. Case in point the Puma evoPOWER that weighs in at 7.2oz but that wasn’t the direction Nike wanted to take. Rather than re-educate fans, they took the decision to switch out the silo completely.

Where Do Fans Go Now?

That is a great question! There isn’t anything quite like the T90 Laser series currently on the market, so there is a pretty obvious dilemma for fans who want a similar type of performance. Nike and Adidas have distanced themselves from the “Power” label and none of their boots contain that killer punch or strike that players might want. The nearest thing they’ve released in recent times is the Adidas Predator Instinct, which did feature a Power like appearance and a silhouette that resembled an older model boot. But they gained a reputation as a control hybrid and might not be the answer many Nike fans are looking for.

The next best options to consider now? Realistically, the market is somewhat devoid of options. Recently added to the US market, the Mizuno Wave Ignitus is the one boot that deserves a shout. It is built along the same premise as the T90, with specifically positioned panels – bio vamps in this case – offering extra rebound when striking shots.

Then there is always the option of searching for original pairs of T90 Laser on eBay. There are always new pairs popping-up and with some patience, you can actually find some pretty decent deals out there, like for example this pair just listed!

Which Was Your Favorite?

We want your feedback on this one. Have you got a favorite from the T90 Laser series? Tell us about it in the comment section below – I’m interested in getting reader consensus on which pair actually had the biggest impact on players in order to piece together another special feature!

T90 Laser Range


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  1. Honestly I think that the Mizuno Wave Ignitus is a boot that could fill that void very easily, especially now that they are widely available in the U.S. The Wave Ignitus is very similar to the T90 Laser III.

  2. Great post. I really like the T90 and I'm a big fan of the III and still play with it from time to time. I thought the IV was not as good and never liked it at all. I remember both Rooney and Torres missing big goals when the first wore the IV, maybe even in the same game.

    I agree with Jose 100% that the Wave Ignitus is the closest thing to the T90. I have my blue ones and they fit like a glove and have similar technology.

    Again, the boot will not help you shoot harder or make you score goals but it might give you an edge here and there. If you don't know how to curve a shot, no boot out there will help you. If you know how to curve a shot, then a boot like the T90 might give you an extra advantage in making that curve better.

  3. I have a pair of T-90 Laser II and I don’t prefer them at all, being at the wing position of my soccer team, I don’t get any explosive speed since they are “Heavy” I am swithing to Hypervenoms

  4. The Nike T-90 laser were the most suitable boots in nike synthetic advanced boots for wide footed and to some extent normal footed players. this made them popular by default to a wide section of serious amateurs who may not have the sleek narrow feet that the mercurial demanded at the time. So, if u had a discount pass or endorsement of some kind from Nike, but had a widish feet in all kinds of weather, then T-90 was a better choice than mercurials, vapors and Tiempo ( leather)

  5. the world cup laser 3 with the carbon fiber and vapor upper that had the memory foam on top of the toes, easily the best boot I've ever had ever.

  6. I still wear the T90 II and III in my rec league. The II’s are my favorite boot of all time. Might look at the Wave after reading this. I tried the Nitrocharge but didn’t like them at all. Way too narrow for me.

  7. My Feet will literally never be that comfy again.

  8. I owned at least 2 pairs of each Laser models that came out from Laser Supremacy to Laser 4 and would like to share my disappointment with other fans who loved the LASERS! i am a striker and have made many memories in striking goals with power and accuracy with my t90″s. I believed it’s the best shoe ever made for strikers! My favorite out of the lasers was the Laser 2. I t had the most power, accuracy and curl in my shots! Definitely was the worst nightmare for keepers!
    The 2 pairs of Hypervenoms and Magistas i now use has no comparison to any of the t90’s!!
    Looking for great deal on Laser 3 9.5 US?

  9. I love the side texture of the Nike T90 Laser II. I can bend balls around the wall. Now I can't find them for sale in size 11 anywhere. I guess I should have bought 5 pairs long ago before Nike did something that stupid as discontinue something that good.

  10. I truly missed the T90 Laser 3, i still remember my glory days in shooting, tried the T90 L4 and nowadays I have the evo power 1 but of no control and aiming as the T90 L3. Life moves on, i would still buy the T90 L3.


  11. I have a t90 laser 2 in brand new conditiob lol. Bought 3 pairs when I came to live in brasil and ended up not playing so much Firm ground and ended up going to futsal. It’s obe of the best cleats I ever used. And i’ve used a lot of cleats through the years. Now i have a adidas f10 messi indoor and a magista x turf. They didn’t rip to shreds so far!

  12. I still have two pairs! I have almost worn out the better fitting ones with less space on the toe.

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