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Puma King Lux – A Boot Made With 24 Carat Gold?

Puma King Lux

With only 99 pairs released around the world, Puma’s latest conceptualized boot comes with a limited edition price tag and some serious upper class feel. Featuring 24 carat gold flakes through the heel, the Puma King LUX 24 is the most exclusive and expensive boot ever released by Puma. Yes – I did just say that this boot comes with real gold built in. If there was ever a release designed specifically for royal and noble folk, well this would have to be it!

Each of the 99 pairs available have been uniquely numbered, so you are guaranteed to get your hands on your own piece of nobility without the fear of ever showing up to a game with the exact same pair of boots as your mate. Although, at $450 a pair, I’m not sure how many of your mates will also be able to fork out on a pair!!

(Side note – don’t confuse this release with the Puma King Lux released in July of last year. That version didn’t actually feature real gold.)

Puma King Lux 24 Carat Gold

King Lux 3

King Lux 4

It is also worth noting that Puma use the King 2013 as the base for this creation. Featuring a full K-Leather upper, you are getting absolute quality performance in an ultra classically design boot. They are the epitome of a heritage release, with that little bit of extra panache thrown in.

For those that are serious about a pair, you do get a quality leather boot bag with them, and a tidy boot cleaning kit.

Find the remaining pairs available at Soccer.com – note, they will probably be sold out pretty soon.

With all that in mind, I gotta know – if you managed to get your hands on a pair, would you actually wear them in game?

King Lux 5

King Lux 2

King Lux Heel

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  1. if I got any of this will I wear it? hell no. I'll display it at my living room in prove of my nobility.

    • I believe I’m the last owner willing to sell these rare cleats. Contact me if interested!

      • Interested. Owned a pair of the Puma King Lux (999 pairs) and were the most incredible boots I have and will ever know. My car was stolen and in the trunk were my boots 🙁

  2. Selling size 8 pair. Contact me if interested! [email protected]

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