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Adidas Release Reinvented 11Pro – “Comfort and Perfect Fit”

Adidas 11Pro III
Today, we were introduced to a boot that is intended to provide players with a totally new level of comfort – the Adidas 11Pro. Being the third version of the 11Pro released and the 7th carnation of adidas signature comfort boot, there is a lot of pressure on this one to deliver! As well as the comfort aspect, adidas is enforcing the concept of the most premium fit to date.

As well as focusing on comfort and support, the boot comes with a new premium and modern look. The classic black and white design gives the boots a timeless appeal and puts them at the forefront of style in the beautiful game. In terms of construction and performance, the 11Pro has been re-engineered from heel to toe allowing for increased stability and protection. A new skeleton in the heel and forefoot allows for a new type of fit, as well as increased stability.

11Pro Side View

11pro Upper

The all new comfort outsole also features a comfort frame which distributes pressure across the shoe, while new smaller studs provide perfect ground penetration. The leather upper provides an ultra-comfortable fit as well as optimum control. And speaking of that upper, it is going to feature a K-leather vamp – yes, a return to the ever popular K-leather material!

Adidas had found much success with the Taurus leather material used on prior 11Pro models, but it seems they are listening to fans who want a premium material that offers proven touch on the ball.

11Pro K-leather Upper

New adidas 11Pro

We talked a little about the boots introduction yesterday, and gave a brief rundown on our expectations for the range. Adidas has absolutely taken them in a more traditional direction, but we haven’t yet seen any affiliation with the word “adiPure” as we sort of expected. That could change over the coming days as more details are released, but for now they are simply labelled the “11Pro”.

The big question is will the changes and shift to a more classic focused design win back over those players that have drifted away from the 11Pro range? In recent times, the Tiempo Legend has risen in stature and it has the largest fan base of the heritage boots on the market – I can see this one pulling a large number of fans back in!

These boots are already available for retail, find them listed on for $184.99.

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  1. Let's just say that these will be in my stockings this Christmas. Can't wait to get these. Thank you adidas for listening to the consumer for a change and giving us the K-Leather every boot so deserves.

  2. Why are they still called the "11pros"? It's 2014 for Christ's sake!!!!

  3. I really want it!

  4. I've never worn a k-leather boot without any stitching, although I know there are some out there. I'm really curious about how this will affect it.

  5. These or the new nirtocharge?

  6. It will be interesting to see how these fit. The original or first edition 11pro had a higher profile toe box, the 2nd edition had a lower profile toe box and fit real nice and snug across the toes. These look like the toe box is a little higher profile like the first edition 11pros (but without the horrible weird stitch pattern.) Can’t wait for the review Bryan!

    • I bet you'll have to get half to a full size smaller than true to size for a good fit or they'll feel loose after a few wears, but I think that's typical with nice k-leather boots.

  7. Got a pair of these for Christmas. They fit just like adipure 4's as I expected so I ordered half a size down. And they are stiff out of the box probably because the leather is so thin and the crisscross mesh underneath. But they definitely break in just like k-leather, stretch out nicely and mold to the feet. Adidas is finally back to putting out some quality k-leather boots. I definitely like them more than adipure 4's. They're like a modernized version of copas, just can't get the same type of fit from synthetics.

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