Thursday , December 7 2023

Don’t Dare to Miss This Insane Adidas 11Pro Deal!

11Pro Deal (2)

If adidas are looking to sell off the previous generation model of the 11Pro, this is one way to go about it! We were only introduced to the 11Pro 3rd generation boot earlier this week, and adidas has put on what can only be described as in insane, “dare not miss this” type sale!

Originally listed at $165, you can pick up the Core Blue colorway for $82 (and that is not a mistype.) When you factor in the current “free shipping on all footwear orders” deal, then this makes for an absolute no brainer! As of posting, all sizes listed were available, so there should be no shortage of boots. How long will the deal last? No idea – but honestly, this one looks like it could be listed at an incorrect price – I say snag a pair before someone notices and changes it back. The current “sale” price for these boots should be around the $120 mark.

Find this deal currently listed at

11Pro Deal on adidas

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  1. Even $80 is a lot of money for me, I'm used to low tier boots 🙁

  2. wish i could afford them 🙁

  3. Bryan,
    Are these basically the updated 11Pros that came out with the Samba colorway last year?

  4. This deal is back on today.

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