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Adidas 11Pro SL – A New Type of Lightweight Comfort

adidas 11pro SL

It is a new year and adidas are already flashing their new releases, this one in the form of a fresh minted take on the 11Pro SL series. Remember a few weeks back when we were introduced to the next generation 11Pro with what seemed like a cage like underlay system? Well, adidas has stripped the upper from this version to expose that structural system and dramatically drop the overall weight of this boot down to 6.3oz.

It is an intriguing take, as adidas give us a first hand visual of how they created the 11Pro. That upper is constructed of a Hybridtouch material, so even with its tough, rugged appearance, it maintains soft touch in a minimal weight package. Plus the extra definition is only going to improve control, offering a little more surface area to impact the ball.

11Pro Upper Structure

11Pro SL Lacing System

11PRO SL Heel

Then there is the dual tone colorway – adidas going with a Black/Solar shade on the introductory release. It is kind of like Yin and Yang, with both shades offering polar opposite emotions.

It is also important to note that the 11Pro series is seen to be a heritage release, built with the best ideals of comfort and performance. Even with their lightweight package, adidas has not left anything to chance with this SL version. Their is still a large focus on ensuring players are comfortable right through a 90 minute game. Inside the boot you get a suede lining and a memory foam styled padded insole.

For those interested in a pair, find them at

Adidas 11Pro SL Dual Colorway

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    • Interesting, they're reversing the pro and pro sl upper's. In the past the 11pro upper SL has been the premium material.

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