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Knotley Laces Review - The First Soccer Specific Lace? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Knotley Laces Review – The First Soccer Specific Lace?

Knotley Laces 1

If you’ve had issues with frayed laces, water filled laces, or laces that won’t stay tied in the past, then you may have felt a need for high quality replacement laces. If you have had trouble finding the right replacement pair or can relate to any of those problems, then Knotley Laces may be just right for you!

Knotley Laces is a new company geared to fill the void of soccer specific laces. They claim to have the highest quality laces for soccer due to their premium craftsmanship and features and were founded by a group of footballers who saw the need and demand for high quality soccer specific laces. Knotley is based in California and their laces are produced, packaged and shipped in the USA.

Find Knotley Laces for $7.00 at! You can pick between 44 or 52 inches and also choose between the colors Volt, Berry, Royal and Red!

knotley on nike ctr360 maestri

Featured Technology

What does it take to make a high quality pair of laces? Probably a bit more than you may think as Knotley Lace’s are filled with technology designed to improve overall performance. The laces are knit by with a Premium Traction-Knit Yarn designed to help give better knot retention which helps keeps your laces tied! They are also water resistant and stain resistant which means they will hold less water and stain less. Both features are beneficial as you don’t want extra weight on your cleats by soggy laces in a game situation and you also want the laces to be easily cleanable so they stay vibrant throughout use! Knotley Laces also come in two lengths, 44 inches (5-6 lace holes) and 52 inches (6-7 lace holes), so you can get the right size for your particular pair of boots.

knotley on adidas supersala


After spending time with every one of my Knotley laces, I can say with confidence that these perform as expected and will definitely satisfy anyone looking for new laces. They stayed knotted throughout games and practice sessions, which is definitely a positive. And after testing them on turf and grass as well as on an indoor court, I can also say that these laces will last you through multiple boots, meaning they are built with durability in mind. And although they aren’t waterproof, I did notice that they absorbed water significantly less and slower than regular stock laces that they replaced. So I’d also recommend them as an option for wet conditions especially when compared to other non-water resistant laces. Knotley Laces also seemed slightly lighter than many other stock laces.

knotley on pantofola

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the various colors available but I also think a few new styles or customization options would generate a lot more interest. As many soccer players like being able to customize their gear, perhaps having the option of being able to add a name and number to the end of the laces for a few extra dollars would be of interest. Additionally, a reflective option or other unique style options such as stripes would set Knotley Laces further apart from regular stock laces.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a solid pair of replacement laces, then I’d definitely advise Knotley Laces over the average pair you might find in a local sporting store. They perform much better and definitely fill the void of soccer specific laces. If you are interested in getting your own pair of Knotley Laces, find them on for $7!

What do you think about Knotley Laces? Let us know in the comments below!

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