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Cleatology - Puma v1.08 Tricks - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Cleatology – Puma v1.08 Tricks

the bag and boot

Going back to 2009 we have here the Puma v1.08 Tricks. Adidas, Nike and Puma were well into the speed boot race in 2008 when the v1.08 was unleashed. Adidas had the interchangeable and customizable f50.8, Nike had the lightest boot at the time in the form of the Vapor IV (7.4 oz) and Puma had the v1.08 with off beat and innovative materials.

Each boot got its following and those who remember each version fondly. But the Puma Tricks edition of the v1.08 is by far the fiercest looking speed boot to be released and it even beats out most other speed boot colorways released more recently save fore some of the f50 colorways.


With an aggressive stud pattern, x-ray design and pattern that resembles the folds in the human brain the Puma tricks stands out from the bunch. The tech in the boot is also pretty impressive, even by todays standards. The boots came with a nifty card detailing the tech and construction.

  • UNI ConstructionIt is constructed in such a way that there is no glue used and the upper and outsole aren’t lasted together, stitching is used to hold everything together. The outsole is split in two to decrease weight and make mid-foot fit more comfortable. It also compliments the Puma Aptolast which we see on even current releases, made to create a glove like fit (thats why the toebox is shaped the way it is)
  • ConTec upperthis is the stand out material in the upper. It is textile coated with light weight PU and reinforced with microfiber. It creates a lightweight and durable upper that offers good touch on the ball
  • Carbon Fiber Internal ChassisPuma have given this boot a pretty nifty back bone. You can take it out for closer inspection but it is a TPU frame with varying density depending on the area of the foot (soft in the arch, firm in the heel) and a carbon fiber plate in the forefoot. It does come with a warning not to fold chassis to or past 90 degrees

the guts

carbon fiber

It may not be considered old but they sure don’t make em quite like they used to. It harks back to the days where high end boots came with special bags and tags detailing tech and specs. In some regards speed boots have become more simplified, we don’t see as many bits in pieces put into a boot as we used to.

It was a pretty rare find and they are available for purchase on – for $81 they are very much worth picking up. They came shipped from England (freeshipping) so they took a few weeks to show up.

They come with original packaging including shoe box, slick boot bag, and all the stickers and labels they were stuck with when they were first rolled out. For those who would like to know how these perform they have been reviewed and Bryan himself might just cave and buy up a pair before they run out. Fit wise they run a bit tight so a half size up would be a good choice for some.

top and bottom

bag top

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