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Up Close: How the Latest Lotto Solista IV Lights Up Pitches!

Lotto Solista IV

If you are familiar with the Lotto Solista IV, you will be well aware that they are designed to shine bright under flashes of lights. The latest installment from Lotto features that same reflective upper effect, only this time around they come with an added design element. When you look at them under normal sunlight exposure, the circuit board style pattern glimmers on the sheer grey upper. But when you place them under a flash effect, everything changes in the most dramatic way possible!

We have tested the Lotto Solista to its full potential in recent times, so we will leave the specific performance details there for you to check out. One of the cool things about these boots is how much fun they are to take pictures of, and I took full advantage by snapping some awesome shots of them in different situations – as you will see below! If you hadn’t figured it out yet, the above image shows them in a natural state, with the below under daytime flash.

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Lotto Solista IV Under Flash

Solista IV Reflective Upper

Light-it Up!

Under normal daylight conditions, the boot has a grey toned look to it. It is almost like the color of clouds on a stormy day, a very deep shade. Although it isn’t bright and funky like most boots on the market, it does have a decent look to it because they are so different. During day games, this is how your boots will look and there won’t be much to change that.

See: Does the Lotto Solista Really Liht Up?

But, when the sun goes down or you are playing indoor under lights, the boot changes dramatically. Up close, they still have a grey look, but as the light hits the reflective surface from different angles, they really do light up. It is a very trippy effect and I had a lot of people asking about them and why they were flashing as I moved. It has that sort of disco ball effect, where light shoots off the surface when it hits it at the right degree.

Lotto Solista IV Unboxing

Lotto Solista IV Upper

Lotto Solista Light Up

Lotto Solista In Flight

With so many high-tech, visual effect boots being released to market in recent times, this is the type of release that adds a fresh new dynamic to the normally placid Lotto brand. As you can see from the images, they are fully intended to light up pitches and even offer a dramatic shimmer effect under normal daylight exposure.

With that said, we really want to hear your take on these boots and what you think of them. Does this style draw you to the silo and would you have any interest in wearing a pair. Or, do you just see it as another marketing play? Hit up the comments and share your thoughts with us!

Final note, there are other Solista boots available on the market. To see the full available line-up, head here.

Lotto Solista Circuit Board Upper

Lotto Solista IV Soleplate

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