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Adidas Primeknit 2.0 Boot Review - What You Need To Know - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Adidas Primeknit 2.0 Boot Review – What You Need To Know

Adidas Primeknit 2.0 Review

Adidas is back with a fresh new addition of the Primeknit 2.0, and they are so confident in this one that they have labeled it the “best fitting boot in the world“. That is a bold and fully loaded statement, one that is sure to evoke interest from all walks of player – if it is true, of course! With new compression fit technology this concept boot is designed to lead the way in terms of comfort and support.

Seeing as this is a limited edition release, with only 10,000 available worldwide, we haven’t been afforded the time to extensively test them out. Normally, we’d try get through a few weeks of wear to truly grasp the full extent of the boots performance. See this more as a summary review focused on the key fundamentals of the boot, intended to serve those that are considering buying a pair right now.

Available in limited numbers from

Initial Reaction

It is obvious that adidas has spent extensive time creating this latest version of the Primeknit. When the Primeknit FS was detailed last year, many jumped to the conclusion that adidas were gung-ho on releasing a high-collar style boot. That has been proven incorrect, with a higher heel adding the only level of focused support trough the ankle – but how is that going to feel through wear?

Primeknit 2.0

Primeknit 2.0 Heel Design

First Wear and Comfort

When it comes to taking them out of the box and your first experience with the boot, you will notice that they have a more synthetic feel than you probably expected. Considering there is a lot of talk about knit materials, it is a little confusing. But all of that outer material is included to add support and ensure the boot is durable. Slip them on your feet and the boot shape stretches from the inside out, so that synthetic feel disperses through wear and they hold a supportive, snug feel right through the foot – this is where the ideals of the best fitting boot in the world come into play!

That Tongue Design

We are still talking comfort here, and this is one of the key fundamentals of the boots design. Adidas employ a Lycra yarn across the midfoot and through the tongue. This ensures that both sides of the tongue are locked down with the layered knit and it provides an extremely snug fit. Slipping your foot in to the boot is easy to do, but that tongue design does create a very compressed feel through wear. Your underfoot feels fully connected and supported 360 by the shape through the region. I noticed that there were parts of my foot connected with the upper that I’d never felt on other boots. For example, my arch, where the Lycra sits completely flush. This is one of the unique aspects that creates a fit you won’t have experienced in another boot.

Adidas Primeknit 2.0 Tongue

Lycra Yarn inside the Primeknit 2.0

Inside the Primeknit

The Highest Heel In the Game?

I’m really not sure if there is a more visually prominent addition to any boot like the heel cut on the Primeknit 2.0. Ok, you could say the mid cut collar on Nike’s line-up is just as visual, but in play you could mistake them for socks. These are very unmistakable, almost weird. The shape goes about 2 inches higher than what we normally expect. Its intent is to provide support through the heel. In a general stance, it sits at an angle off the heel and it doesn’t touch until you are in a strike motion. Initially, I was concerned it could rub against the heel, but rest assured that it doesn’t. As you flex it, there seems to be a light spine feel that allows it to keep its shape. In a strike motion, it provides a little extra support to the Achilles region. Is it going to dramatically effect performance? Not at all really, in fact it seems to hold a more aesthetic purpose than performance. The one area it will prove useful is when defenders are chasing you down, nipping at your heels. Now you have an extra layer of protection to ensure that all important Achilles area is not harmed!

Touch and Control

There is definite texture through key areas of the boot as adidas allows the natural shape of the yarn to enhance first touch. As you rub your fingers across the forefoot and through the strikezone (any region with the mixed purple/lime/black yarn) you can feel the dimensional nature of the material.  It is something that will help players that like to get on the ball and move at pace. Rather than sliding off the surface, you get a little extra cushion and grip to enhance overall control.

The “outer shell” across the zoned knitted upper is actually a lightweight vacuum coated skin. It is a sealed layer, almost like a micro-thin plastic material that helps protect the yarns and retain a soft surface, meaning the boot is at home in any weather conditions.

Primeknit Upper Design

Primeknit Yarn Up Close

The Issue of Durability

With a knit material, there is always going to be a valid concern about durability. Given the short amount of time we have had with them, it is difficult to assess how they will fair over time. But, the vacuum layer adidas add across the forefoot does have a secure feel and there is nothing about it that gives us concern. It feels strong enough to endure heavy tackles without having to sacrifice protection. If we receive valid feedback from players over time, we will update this section!

How do they Fit?

The irony of this question is that adidas’ answer would be “like the best fitting boot in the world”. But, as you’d expect, our answer comes from a slightly different angle! Length wise, they are slightly tighter than true to size starting out. In saying that, I wouldn’t advise players go down a size. Because there is knit material through the boot, it is sure to stretch through wear and adjust to your foot shape. That truly is the beauty of a design like this – they will adjust to the individual players fit over time! If you like a little room to maneuver, these are most definitely not the boot for you, every inch of space is taken up by your foot inside the shell, so you need to expect a snug fit.

Adidas Primeknit

Are They The Best Fitting Boot in the World?

In terms of a boot that hugs every inch of your foot, the answer would be an absolute definite yes. Every inch of the boot has the potential to connect with your foot, providing a smooth as one feel (the only area that doesn’t is the high cut heel. Does that make them the most comfortable boot in the world? I’d have to go with a no, as sometimes a little extra wiggle room is nice. For some players, they will provide an overwhelming comfortable fit and that is a huge positive, but there is no way to make that a universal statement.

Primeknit vs Magista

One of the key questions around the boot is how they compare to the Nike Magista Obra – the other knit boot currently on the market. This deserves a whole post of its own, but for now I wanted to share the basics difference.

The Primeknit is supportive right throughout the boot, but it doesn’t offer that immediate feel of expansion. The Magista uses the mid cut collar to lock your foot in place, with the forefoot and Flyknit providing some extra stretch from first wear. The Lycra Knit through the tongue of the Primeknit connect your entire midfoot – including arch – to the boot. The Magista has that stretch tongue to connect with the upper region of your foot, allowing a little extra space around the outside, without being overly restrictive. The Primeknit is designed for pacey players who value acceleration like wingers or strikers. The Magista is all about quick turns and breaking out of tight situations, making them an ideal midfielder or playmakers boot.

You can still find pairs of the Primeknit 2.0 available at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The Primeknit 2.0 is intended to lead the way in terms of comfort and support via knit material in the upper and a high cut heel. Provides a compression fit right through the foot.
Category: This is a tricky one! The ideals of comfort place it in the “Advanced Heritage” category.
Weight: 7.7oz
Would I Buy Them: They are a truly innovative boot and to have the opportunity to experience what they have on offer is invaluable. But they are not the boot I’d want to drop $300 on.
Player Position: They are an attack minded boot, with a speed focused soleplate and a little extra traction through the forefoot for players that like to dribble on the ball.

Visual Effect

User Rating: 4.85 ( 1 votes)

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  1. Hi Bryan!
    thanks for the review!
    Could you compare this upper (in particular, the touch on the ball) to the upper on the new superflys.

  2. Matthew mackey

    Hi Bryan,

    To start of thanks for all of the reviews of all the cleats they have really helped in making decisions on cleats, but over the past few years I’ve had the same problem. My feet burning when playing on turf, and with my high school, club and youth academy season all playing on turf and the temperatures kicking up, I wondered what you suggest to combat this almost unbarable pain?

    • That is a big problem – nothing worse than playing on a blistering hot surface! The only key tip I have is choosing boots with a thicker soleplate, so this would be anything not in the lightweight category. For example, the adidas 11pro is ideal, especially with the comfort insole inside the boots.

  3. Hi Bryan. i see your post says that i should take true to size as it will stretch. was reading another review where guy says it most likely wont stretch. so am a bit conflicted, it feels snug in my current size and when i fit the comfortable innersole with my trusox its really uncomfy, so do you think i should go one size up or will it stretch to my foots shape? also if i do go one size size up and it proves to be more comfier with the comfort inners and trusox, will it stay that way or start getting put of shape / loose the more i play in them? thanks to her back!

  4. CCM, I went with the same sizing I wear in the F50. I have now worn them for about 4 games. I would say they don’t really stretch a lot. I wear them with thin insoles and sometimes with no socks (I play in Bangkok, bloody hot). I am a big fan of the whole flyknit idea – you know forming around the shape of your foot. I know when I did some reading on the nike Flyknit running shoes the consensus seemed that as this is a weave there should be some give over time. But with these boots they have that coating so I doubt there will be a lot. I would go with what fits best with what set up you will be playing with (does that make sense?). So if you will be wearing thick socks, go with the size that best suits this. They should feel a little tight at the beginning but this dissipates over a couple of games. There will be some stretch, but for me this is more in it shaping to your foot more than anything else. By the way, best boots I have ever worn. I love the touch on the ball and the feel.

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