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Nike Hypervenom II Released - "Deceptive By Nature" - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Nike Hypervenom II Released – “Deceptive By Nature”

Hypervenom II

Nike is back with a second generation release of the boot dedicated to a new breed of attacker. Welcome in the all new, fully upgraded Nike Hypervenom II and the tag line “Deceptive By Nature.

Since their official introduction to the market in 2013, players have had great success with the original Hypervenom, yet the folks at Nike knew there was better to come from the silo; that it could provide an even higher level of performance for attacking players. Nike’s design team never stopped working on what they could possibly do to make the next Hypervenom boots even better, and the final result is extremely pleasing from first glance.

Nike Hypervenom II Released

Hypervenom II Released

To achieve the level of anatomical synergy the team envisioned, there were many radical changes made to the original boot. For example, Nike Flywire has been strategically mapped into Hypervenom II with additional siping added in heavy ball-contact areas for enhanced touch. The Flywire is integrated into a responsive loft mesh of varying density levels, a departure from the uniformly dimpled upper of the original Hypervenom. These were the first of many enhancements developed throughout the design process. Ultimately, every component of the original Hypervenom evolved into something better for Hypervenom II.

This is foot-informed design at its finest. All of the linear angles on the boot align with the natural flex of the foot. The Flywire powers a lockdown system that prevents the foot from sliding within the boot. We didn’t design a boot that works for the foot, but rather with the foot. – Nathan VanHook 

Tech Specs of the Nike Hypervenom II

The concept of the boot hasn’t changed, as they are again geared toward explosive attacking players who want an extra level of agility in their game. Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Edinson Cavani – this is just a small example of the type of player that will take them to pitch in the coming weeks.

There will be two versions of the boot released, a high end and an elite. It is on the elite version that you will find one of the most distinguishing features of this new release – a dynamic mid cut collar. Yes, following along the lines of the Magista and the Superfly, Nike has decided to provide a sense of enhanced fit and support around the ankle line.

(Side note here, it looks like Wayne Rooney will be one of the players to choose against wearing the mid cut collar version. So, we should see both version used on pitch.)

Hypervenom II Mid Cut Collar

Hypervenom II Tech Specs

Hypervenom II Forefoot Design

Hypervenom II is actually the first Nike Football boot to mix a Flyknit collar with an enhanced mesh upper, complete with NikeSkin and All Conditions Control (ACC).

Visually, the Flyknit Dynamic Fit collar reveals a pop of underlying color when flexed, adding style to the performance substance. The overall design is aggressive, bold, powerful and edgy – just like the players who wear it. Hypervenom players are notorious for the agility to execute directional moves in tight spaces, zigging when others zag. That zig-zag capability comes together with its literal interpretation on the fully functional sidewalls of the boot.

Hypervenom II Above

In response to player feedback, the sole plate of Hypervenom II is comprised of a softer compound than the original for added comfort. The split-toe design and agility traction pattern unleash a quick response for sudden changes of direction. A stunning wrap-around graphic adorns the plate and sidewalls of the boot.

In terms of retail, the Nike Hypervenom II will be available via the Nike Football app beginning May 25 and on from May 27. We will also update with info from once the boots when we get it!

Neymar with Hypervenom

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  1. I think these look a lot like the superflys. While people have been up in arms about the possibility of adidas shifting to just two silos, I think the change is bold, compared to Nike who are simply rebranding the same silos, yet offering little difference.

    Another complaint I have is that Nike have two versions of a top tier model now, the elite and eliter. As a boot collector, I always am eager to buy the top tier version, but now Nike's top tier versions are well out of most people's price range, and the thought of shelling out $200 for a non-top tier boot is ridiculous. Just my rant, curious to see how others think.


  2. I can not wait to see some of the other colorway Nike will release these in! Anyone know what to expect?

  3. Isn’t just the same as the Superfly and Magista? Nike are doing a bad job of diversifying their available boot options.

    • What is similar is the mid cut collar (visually). But if you cut that off, you are left with the Hypervenom Phinish and a very different boot to the likes of the Vapor or the Magista Opus. I think that is worth taking into consideration.

  4. Dan K, the boots are very different. They might have the same collar, but they are designed to perform in very different ways. These are all about agility.

  5. These boots are sooooo dope. CANNOT wait to get my pair. Does anyone know how they fit before I order them?

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